How To Take Trulicity With Trulicity Pen? Steps To Follow!

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What's Inside

Before using the trulicity pen for injecting trulicity, consult your doctor about your low blood sugar levels and seek advice on managing it. After this, start taking Trulicity as instructed by your healthcare provider. Carefully follow the instructions given on the leaflet about using the trulicity pen.  Before taking trulicity with trulicity pen, you should know about the side effects of trulicity and foods to avoid with trulicity.

The dosage to be taken using the Trulicity pen is once weekly. The Trulicity pen is an easy-to-use pen that gets activated at the click of a button. According to a study, around 94% of people stated that the Trulicity pen is easy to use. This is obvious as while using this pen, you won’t be required to buy, handle, or even see a needle.

You can store the trulicity pen in a refrigerator but, make sure not to freeze it. You can also leave the pen at room temperature below 86°F, 30°C for up to 14 days. 

Steps To Use The Trulicity Pen

Steps To Use The Trulicity Pen

Now, as aforementioned, it is very easy to use the Trulicity pen. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to use the pen:

Step 1: Uncap the Pen

When you get the Trulicity pen, make sure that the cap is tight and locked. Then, for usage, pull the cap on the base and throw it away into a dustbin or trash. Note that you should not place the cap back onto the pen as it might damage the needle. Also, do not touch the Trulicity needle. 

Step 2: Place and Unlock

Now, place the clear base flat and press the pen onto your skin at the injection site. Unlock the device by turning the lock ring so that the pen injects Trulicity into your body. Make sure to inject the drug under the skin of your stomach or legs. This is the ideal place for injecting Trulicity. 

Step 3: Press and Hold

Next, press and hold the green button on top of the pen till you hear a loud click. Continue holding the pen as instructed into your skin till you hear a second click.

This indicates the needle getting retracted in about 5 to 10 seconds. Once this sound is heard, remove the pen from your skin. With this, Trulicity will have entered your body. When the gray plunger becomes visible, you will understand that the injection is over.

Final Words

If you are allergic to dulaglutide or other ingredients used in Trulicity, do not use the drug. Now, while injecting the drug using the Trulicity pen, make sure not to use it in a vein or muscle.

The ideal places to use the pen are the stomach, upper thigh, or upper arm. Also, make sure not to inject the drug in the same site for each dosage. So, with each weekly injection, change the injection site. 

For balancing your blood sugar, if you are also using insulin, never mix it and Trulicity in the same container and inject. Give separate injections of each drug. You can take these injections in the same area but not next to each other. Read about that are the possible effects or reactions after taking trulicity.

Never share your Trulicity pen with other people as you might give them an infection or get an infection from them. Keep the pens and needles away from children. 

So, this is how you should use the trulicity pen to take Trulicity. Also, make sure to follow the instructions given on the leaflet to inject the drug safely. 

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