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Trial Of New Type-1 Cell -Therapy Is Suspended!

Trial Of New Type-1 Cell Therapy Is Suspend

The US Food and Drug Administration has sat down with a new therapy based on stem cells for type-1 diabetes. What FDA Founds? The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) agency found that there is insufficient data on escalating doses of the therapy, Vertex Pharmaceutical. As the doses of the therapy are going forward the agency … Read more

Is Type 1 Diabetes The First Symptom Of Alzheimer’s? Data You Should Know!

Type1 Diabetes Alzheimers Symptoms

Before we get to understanding the relationship between diabetes and Alzheimer first you need to understand what diabetes is and what is Alzheimer’s  Difference Between Diabetes And Alzheimer’s Diabetes: Diabetes is a situation where the body either doesn’t make enough insulin or becomes unable to use it. Diabetes is a chronic health condition that lasts … Read more