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Diabetes, with every passing day, is only becoming a rising concern for people around the world and the medical professionals who’re putting in the work to deal with people whose diabetic conditions vary.

It’s sad to know that diabetes is one such condition that anyone can be afflicted by. Recent reports have also revealed that ‘diabetes’ is also becoming prominent in children below the age of 18 years. 

Diabetes is generally caused when your body becomes resistant to insulin or there is not sufficient insulin being produced by the pancreas, which leads to the increased sugar level in the blood, sugars that weren’t converted into energy.

Diabetes can be of different kinds, namely: type-1 diabetes, type-2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and gestational diabetes, all of which are incurable. But even though a condition like diabetes is incurable, it can be delayed and there is still hope.

It is true that diabetes cannot be cured, but that doesn’t mean it confines you to bed and you always stay sick. Diabetes can be delayed, by taking proper measures and guidance, in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Glucometers were earlier only used in laboratories and hospitals and were confined only to the medical institutions. But sooner, the process of testing your blood glucose meter became less complicated.

The modern glucometers nowadays are specially designed for HBGM, home blood glucose monitoring, which means one can now test their blood glucose levels in the comfort of their homes. 

These glucometers are very simple to operate and generate very accurate readings that meet the ISO standardization. Having track of blood glucose levels on a daily basis helps you and your doctor to make improvisation plans for you.

There are many manufacturers out there that produce glucometers, but before you jump into buying a glucometer. You must know the characteristics of a glucometer and which glucometer might suit the best for you, in order to make an informed decision when you go out to buy a glucometer.

Dr. Morepen is one such manufacturer that has been in the production of pharmaceutical products and as their mission says – they provide high-quality pharmaceutical products of International standards to the generic market.

They believe the pace of life has taken over every human being, and everyone is always too busy to take out time for themselves. Dr. Morepen as a pharmaceutical company is creating products that are for self-diagnostic at home.

The Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One glucometer can be called as the most in-budget and efficient product for anyone who’s looking forward to including the practice of self-diagnostic a daily habit.

Technology has come a far way down the road and nowadays, even if you’re at the periphery of your household, you can know your blood glucose levels within ten seconds with products like Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One glucometer

This product generates accurate results as soon as the clock strikes five seconds, which is the fastest result speed in comparison to other products in the market in the same price range.

Whenever you set out to get a glucometer, always remember that the smaller the sample size, the better and more convenient the glucometer is. As of Dr. Morepen, the sample size is as small as 0.5 microliters, which is good news.

The product has also been designed for longevity, as with Dr. Morepen a user can now take blood glucose tests up to three hundred times and even more, which indicates that the device has a good memory capacity

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Dr. Morepen Gluco One Features

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  • This product is one of the most efficient products, as at home’s comfort one can now get their blood glucose tested in five seconds.
  • The process of testing blood glucose is completely pain-free with Dr. Morepen, as the sample size is as small as 0.5 microliters.
  • The device also has a large memory space, a user can now use the device for up to 300 tests without any worries.
  • The device is pretty lightweight and feels good on the palms. Aesthetically, the device is great with a larger display screen.
  • The product is completely auto-coded and doesn’t require any coding or calibration. It can be used straight out of the package.


What we like

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  • Full marks to the aesthetic appeal of the product. The device is very satisfying to hold and of optimal usage. 
  • The product has a feature of an effective storage option, where all your tests can be saved and revoked in case of need.
  • The device has a good memory capacity, providing a memory of up to 300 blood glucose tests makes it highly recommended.
  • The device also has an in-built beeper alert feature, the device gives the user audio signals whenever blood glucose levels go too high.


What We Dont Like

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  • The package has a standard number of strips, which is quite low when compared to top brands, there are only 25 test strips whereas a customer would expect a minimum of 50 test strips.
  • Many reviews and customer opinions have also revealed that the product does not have a great shelf-life, but still, it’s a minor issue. 

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