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The OneTouch Verio Flex is one of the best and affordable glucose meter in the market due to the current diabetic scenario.

Diabetes in today’s world is one of the most raising concerns for people and the medical industry, as anyone can be afflicted with diabetes at any age, it’s not age-bound.

The lifestyle of people has incurred a phase shift, people are more about watching Netflix, eating and being confined to a couch most of the time. Whereas, the previous generation has seen fewer cases of diabetes because they were all about mobility.

There are certain changes that will take time for people to understand and implement. Although, diabetes still stays a concerning aspect in people’s lives.

Diabetes is caused by majorly due to hereditary and can also happen to people with no diabetic history in their genes. Even though, in both cases, diabetes still stays as a condition that cannot be cured.

Diabetes is closely related to the pancreas and the insulin pancreas produces. The role of insulin is to break down sugar carried by the blood to transmit into the cells for energy. 

A person is said to be diabetic when his/her body turns insulin resistant or the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin to break down the sugar contained in the blood.

Anyway which leads to excessive content of sugar in the blood which leads to different kinds of effects which can be fatigue, dizziness, unclotted blood and much more.

Although, diabetes cannot be cured the medical industry still claims that even if diabetes cannot be cured, it can be delayed and a person can still lead a pretty normal and healthy life, without any major effects.

A glucometer is one of the most efficient and handiest tools that has helped mankind to delay and pause the effects of diabetes, by merely habituating to keep a track of one’s blood glucose levels on a daily basis.  

The glucometer was adapted for medical practices in the early 1800s. Although sooner, it started being utilized as a common practice at households, which is also known as home blood glucose monitoring. 

For HBGM (home blood glucose monitoring) you would need a blood glucose monitoring kit which consists of a glucose meter and blood test strips. With this simple kit, one can easily check their blood glucose level at the comfort of their homes.

A glucometer becomes very helpful for a diabetic patient because he/she can now keep track of their blood sugar level and take steps when the levels go too high or too low.

The doctor that’s treating you and guiding also benefits with this, as now he/she can make a weekly and monthly blood glucose level logbook in order to design a suitable diet, workout plan, and other essentials.

OneTouch is one of the most premium brands that are manufacturing glucometers. The OneTouch Verio Flex Blood glucometer is the advanced version of the simple glucometer that OneTouch produces. 

OneTouch Verio Flex is majorly designed for people who’re in the severe stages of diabetes and require a more optimized system of blood glucose monitoring. 

OneTouch Verio Flex is a bit expensive, as one has to pay a bit extra for the increased quality they have brought to this product. But, the package comprises of the verio flex glucometer and ten verio flex strips

OneTouch Verio Flex comes with similar colorsure technology and audio signaling feature. Which reminds and indicates the user when their blood glucose is too high or too low. The device also has a very high memory capacity, which up to 500 plus blood samples.

OneTouch Verio Flex Features

  • The package comes with a verio flex glucometer along with ten verio flex blood test strips (each of which can be utilized only once). 
  • The product also has a feature of a logbook, which is one of the most unique features. It creates snapshots of your blood glucose levels which is in sync with your food and activity levels.
  • The product is very easy to use and doesn’t require any coding and calibration. You can use it as it is straight out of the package.
  • The device also has color-sure technology and audio signaling which reminds and notifies a user when his/her blood glucose levels are too high or low.
  • The device is very optimal performance-wise and generates results within five seconds, which makes blood glucose monitoring a hassle-free job.

What we like

  • The product comes with an amazing feature of tracking highlights, the device notifies you when you’ve been out of range.
  • There is also a feature of logbook – where all your blood glucose results can be turned into snapshots in sync with your food and activity levels.
  • One can also share their data of the results with their enclosed network including their friends, family, and personal doctor.
  • The product uses a capillary-fill method for its sampling and uses the tiniest amount of blood in comparison to other products which is 0.4 microliters. 
  • The device is very optimal performance-wise and generates results within five seconds, which makes blood glucose monitoring a hassle-free job.

What We Dont Like

  • Even though the device is quite advanced, its memory space is similar to the simple OneTouch glucometer, which is 500 blood samples.
  • Many complaints and reviews have revealed that the logbook feature is inefficient and at times the device has minor performance issues.

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