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What's Inside

Ever since life has been getting easier for human beings due to advancements in technology, there is a severe decline in the quality of lifestyle.

In today’s era, people are more prone to conditions like diabetes and hypoglycemia than they were ever before and the worst part is conditions like diabetes cannot be cured.

With an increasing number of people falling prey to diabetes, science and research came to the conclusion that diabetes cannot be cured but rather delayed.

Glucose meters are one of the handiest medical tools ever invented to keep the repercussions of diabetes under control. Glucometers are devices that digitally calculate blood glucose levels with a small blood sample of the size of less than one microliter.

Glucometers also began to get very handy for the assigned doctors, as now they could check a diabetic patient’s blood glucose levels and design a diet and exercise plan accordingly. A plan that served well according to the patient’s condition.

After glucometers came into the picture, the science of blood glucose monitoring started getting incorporated, which made it easier for diabetic patients to keep track of their blood sugar levels in the comfort of their homes.

HBGM, or ‘home blood glucose monitoring’ requires one to own a blood glucose monitoring kit, the kit comprises of a glucose meter and blood test strips. With the kit, blood glucose levels can be tested and active measures can be taken by patients.

Originally, the maker of OneTouch products that are emphasized to create a better lifestyle for diabetic patients with glucose assistance devices is LifeScan, one of the very product that LifeScan has created under the brand OneTouch is the OneTouch Select Simple glucometer.

The OneTouch products have been created in consideration of modernization. Their devices are enabled with Bluetooth feature and all your test results can be tracked down effectively on your cellular devices on a daily basis, weekly or monthly basis.

If you’re looking forward to starting HBGM (home blood glucose monitoring), you should definitely get your hands on the OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer. LifeScan is one of the most trusted manufacturers and the product is affordable and easy to use.

The OneTouch Select Simple glucometer is a handy and lightweight device that fits perfectly on a palm-size. The device is ready to use straight out of the package and doesn’t require any pre-coding or calibration. 

The product is designed to put in the least effort as there are no buttons on the device, all one has to do is just insert the blood test strip and get our results to go. The device also comes with a unique feature known as color-sure technology. 

Color-sure technology is this amazing feature that indicates when your blood glucose level is too high or too low, and when it’s at the most stable level and the ideal level at which one should maintain their blood sugar level. This feature is accompanied by audio signals, the indication would be in the form of a sound.

The OneTouch Select Simple glucometer generates the most accurate results meeting the standardization of ISO 15197:2013 and even the sample size extracted for testing blood glucose levels is less than 1 microliters. 

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OneTouch Select Simple Features

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  • The device is designed for maximum simplicity in operations and requires no pre-coding or calibration of the device. The device is automated.
  • The product comes with a unique technology known as the color-sure technology, which makes it easy to track when the blood sugar level is too high or too low. 
  • The package consists of OneTouch Select test strips which is one of the safest and most affordable strips available in the market.
  • The reading of the device is always accurate, as it meets the standardization of ISO 15197:2013, the standardization that every manufacturer follows.
  • The sample size required for this product is less than 1 microliter.
  • The device generates results within ten seconds.


What we like

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  • This product is highly preferred because at an affordable cost, they come with color-sure technology and audio-based indicators.
  • The device is pretty lightweight and rests firmly on a palm’s grip.
  • The test strips that are present in the package are of good quality and can be bought separately at a very affordable rate.
  • This simple glucometer generates the most accurate result as it meets the standardization of ISO 15197:2013, the general norm.
  • Each test that you conduct with this glucometer requires very less amount of blood; the sample size is less than 1 microliters.


What We Dont Like

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  • The product comes with a very limited number of test strips, as compared to its competitors. There are around ten-fifteen test strips in the package.
  • Often there have been several reviews and minor complaints of several users who’ve had experience with this product – at times, the test strips are not quality checked. 

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The OneTouch Select Simple glucometer is a perfect choice for people who’ve been recently diagnosed with diabetes and need to get involved in home blood glucose monitoring. The product is cheap and the most clinical choice. 

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