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As the days are passing by, Diabetes and Hypoglycemia are both rising concerns globally. Conditions like diabetes cannot be cured and can be caused by majorly due to hereditary and also because of an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Various researches and scientific studies have gone behind diabetic control and glucose meters are one of the handiest inventions for diabetic patients that the medical industry has known. Glucose meters have given rise to ‘home blood glucose monitoring‘ or HBGM. One can now keep track of their blood glucose levels in the comfort of their homes.

Roche Diabetes Care Inc. is the manufacturer of Accu-Check products – is one of the leading manufacturers of blood glucose monitoring kits, as their products are very easy to operate and are handy for home blood glucose monitoring. 

Roche is based in Indianapolis and they have a very proud history in terms of science and innovation. Roche offers a wide range of diagnostic tests and systems that plays a pivotal role in the groundbreaking area of health solutions. All of their products cover the early detection, targeted screening, evaluation and monitoring of a variety of health issues.

There are a variety of Accu-Check products that Roche manufactures, one out of them is the Accu-Check Performa Glucometer, which is one of the more advanced products available both online and offline retail stores. That is designed to serve people who’re into more severe stages of diabetes.

All the manufacturers in the market that produce glucose meters have to go through the ISO standardization test. The Accu-Check Performa Glucometer is one of the most recommended product by Roche that generates the most accurate readings. Accurate readings are important, as it’s easy for the doctor the interpret and design diets and other treatment rituals.

The model that’s inside the package feels good to hold and weighs up to 250 grams, quite light-weighted. The glucose meter relies on lithium-ion batteries for its power source and requires one lithium-ion battery to function properly. The lithium-ion battery comes pre-installed in the device and the device is good to go.

Roche has designed the Accu-Check Blood Glucose Monitoring in the simplest way possible in order to make it easily functional, for those who intend to control the effects of diabetes staying at home, doing frequent blood sugar level tests and taking better decisions in order to keep their health in good condition. 

The product promises to deliver a customer with ninety days of test results without the hassle, which also tells a lot about the device’s memory capacity which is estimated to be nearly up to 500 blood samples. The display screen is bigger and the device generates results quite quickly, within 10 seconds.

The package comes with ten test strips which is quite low quantity for a blood glucose monitoring kit, but the test strips can be bought additionally online or offline at affordable prices which makes it quite easy for the customer. The product is also packed with a reminder feature, that reminds a user of the pre-meal and post-meal test dues. 

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Accu-Check Performa Features

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  • Accu-Check Blood Glucose Monitoring is one of the easiest operatable blood glucose testing products available in the market.
  • The product is ISO standardized and generates accurate test results.
  • The display screen is bigger in comparison to other products in dimensions.
  • One can use the device up to 90 days and test their blood sugar levels.
  • The product comes with a hundred test strips in quantity. 
  • The product exists in quite an affordable price range and is a good investment.


What we like

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  • The product is pretty basic and is highly affordable for home blood glucose monitoring, a great product to start with.
  • There is no requirement of complicated coding and calibration of keys mechanisms. The device can be used right away, straight out of the package.
  • The device has a very good memory capacity, up to five hundred plus blood samples can be tested after buying the product. 
  • Surprisingly, the product comes with a cool in-built feature which is that of a reminder. One can now be reminded of pre-meal and post-meal test dues.


What We Dont Like

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  • Even though it’s a basic product, Roche only provides ten test strips initially, to begin with, which is quite low as per one’s expectations. One at least expects 25 test strips in the package.
  • The device generates results in close to ten seconds, which is quite fast. But there are other Accu-Check products that generate results in less than five seconds. 

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Final Suggestions

This product has been designed by Roche to reach out to the people who’re in more severe stages of diabetes and require more optimal monitoring of their blood glucose levels, in order to bring considerable improvements.

Affordability comes into play when people newly seek out to buy glucose meter and hence the product has been thoughtfully charged neither too high nor too low. It’s quite less an amount to pay for a product that’s not merely use-and-throw

For ‘home blood glucose monitoring’ the product is highly recommended. It’s good to have a reminder feature, to keep one stuck to the habit of testing blood sugar levels once before a meal and once post-meal. The accuracy of the device on the mark, to keep one informed and make better health decisions every day. 

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