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What's Inside

Contour NEXT EZ Diabetes Testing Kit is one of the most affordable, accurate and consistent glucose monitors ever available. The Contour Next One is also smart connected with an app that allows for storing the data notes and graphing, ideal for long term trends. An adjustable lance that makes pain management system easy while reliable strips are never wasted, remain affordable and are widely available. This is a real all round winner.

Contour NEXT EZ Diabetes Testing KitThe wireless capabilities of this glucometer set it apart from the competition, but the Contour series is already well established, showing this is more than just a smartphone gimmick. 

The already impressive meter adds lots of data metrics which allow you to get a broader image of your blood sugar levels over time in a clear graph with lots of detailed information which you can add in to manage your longer term targets.

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Contour NEXT EZ Features

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  • COMPLETE STARTER KIT: Includes; a Contour NEXT EZ Diabetes Monitor, 100 Contour NEXT Test Strips, 100 Active Forward Lancets (30g), Microlet Lancing Device, Contour NEXT Control Solution, Manual, Log Book & Carry Case.
  • FAST & ACCURATE RESULTS: Highly Accurate Meter. Test Results within 5 seconds. Second Chance Sampling with tiny blood sample.
  • EASY AND SIMPLE TO USE: Preferred diabetic starter kit for senior patients, no coding, alarm reminders, saved pre & post-meal glucose level tests of 7, 14, & 30 day averages.
  • FRESH & LONG EXPIRATION DATE: All components have an expiration date of 12-24 Months
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: This product is backed by an 18 month Warranty on ALL components (provided exclusively by OTC Outlet).
  • MEMORY: Save your test results freely with the amazing memory capacity of this glucose meter. There is the capacity to store 800 test results.
  • BLOOD SAMPLE: 0.6 microlitres
  • BATTERY LIFE: Experience the great battery life of the glucose meter which allows you to test approx 1,000 tests.


Contour NEXT Test Strips Features

Contour NEXT EZ Test Strips are designed for use with the Contour NEXT blood glucose meter. Contour Next blood glucose test strips are available in a convenient box of 50 with a full range of helpful features.

  • These high-performance test strips offer next generation accuracy people with diabetes can rely on this.
  • The Multi-pulse technology is designed to evaluate a single blood sample 7 times for a higher level of accuracy.
  • No coding means the correct code is automatically set to eliminate the possibility of inaccurate results.
  • Sip-In Sampling actually sips in a person’s blood sample for ease of use.
  • Less blood is needed for testing with a small 0.6 µL blood sample.
  • Results are available in just 5 quick seconds.

What we like

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  • Pocket-friendly size: The Contour Next One is clearly a more modern unit than the competition with a sleek black build that not only looks good but is portable too. Designed to look like a USB drive, the testing unit is a pocket-friendly size but cramming in a large, high-contrast and backlit display. 
  • High contrast digital screen: There are button controls which make for easy navigation regardless of wearing gloves or being unable to see clearly in the dark. That said, this also features a testing strip light so you can easily take a reading without fumbling around in the dark.
  • Light for testing in dark: Readings are simplified with color coding for an at-a-glance result. Red is for low, green for in range and yellow for high. Even the port light will flash with the corresponding colour to show you blood sugar even more clearly, if you decide to turn that option on. Yup, this can be shut off if you find it annoying or want to be less obvious.
  • Battery life: 1,000 tests: Battery life is decent with the included battery going for months before needing a change. Even then you will be able to send off for a replacement for free as this is included as part of the company’s offering.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: The big sell for the Contour Next One is its Bluetooth connectivity to a very comprehensive smartphone app. This means that not only are your raw blood sugar levels recorded but also extra information can be added like photos, voice memos and notes. 
  • Smart app support: The Contour app is available on Android and iOS devices and allows you to directly upload blood glucose data from the meter to the app via Bluetooth. We say allows you to, when it actually happens automatically, so you don’t need to worry about doing a thing.
  • Automatic sync:When synchronised you’ll get a good 90 days worth of data allowing you to see trends and averages without you having to do a thing. What you can do is add data yourself including diet, activity and medication so the results make more sense when you read them back.


What We Dont Like

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  • Still requires lancing


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