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The Fora 6 Connect is an amazing device that checks the level of ketones in your blood. It is a ketone meter which deals with Type I and Diabetic Ketoacidosis. This device offers the large clear backlit display and port light make sampling simple while the gold strips offer quick and accurate testing. Your data can be shared anywhere you want to share through the iFORA HM app. Data can then be analysed also through  the iFORA HM app. Everything is also affordable making this one of the best blood glucose meters out there. You can also track the ketones presence your blood to keep your diet under control.

The Fora 6 Connect is the latest and best blood glucose monitor. This meter is the Two in one, that helps as glucose meter as well as ketone meter. It provides the accurate amount of ketones present in the blood which helps to reduce the calorie intake.

Testing is quick and accurate thanks to a selection of gold based testing strips, a port light and a simple button controlled interface. This is all backed by Bluetooth connected app support for deeper data analysis and sharing.

FORA 6 Connect Blood Ketone and Blood Glucose Testing Meter KitThe Fore 6 Connect is convenient for Type I and Ketoacidosis but also works well for those with Type II diabetes who simply want to keep track of their blood glucose. It is a really impressive blood glucose monitor on its own but when you factor in the ability to also test ketone, this steams ahead of the competition. 

It does everything the best models do including offering a port light, large backlit display and an eject button. On top of that you get auto synching of data to a very capable smartphone app that works across Android and iOS. 

Local device storage is the best we’ve seen while battery life is optimized by the use of an easily available AAA battery. The case that Fora throws is is just a nice bonus that makes carrying everything on the go super simple.

The accuracy of the Fora 6 Connect is excellent. In fact the meter goes beyond the standards of the ISO15197:2013 standard. On top of that you aren’t required to do any calibration and the results appear in under five seconds. This could be thanks to the addition of gold, a highly sensitive conductor, in the testing strips. 

FORA 6 Connect Features

  • Monitor your ketogenic diet and blood glucose level by having both functions in one meter; Glucose Strips is sold separately
  • This meter has been approved by FDA and exceed all standards for accuracy
  • Fast, accurate results; Blood ketone reading in just 10 seconds with a tiny drop of blood only 0.8 microliter required
  • Kit includes everything you need; 1 fora 6 Connect Meter, 1 Lancing Device, 100 Lancets, 20 Ketone Test Strips and a Carry Case
  • Free Download iFORA HM and connect the app via Bluetooth; You can get Data analysis as 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 day average, reading distribution, trend graphs and charts easily; Data could be exported as jpg or csv via email.

What we like

  •  TWO-IN-ONE: Glucose meter offering with the ketone meter. This meter allows you to check the ketones level and glucose level of your blood.
  • SMART APP: The data of this app is analyzed by the iFORA HM app which connect  via Bluetooth device. The data generated by that is sharable you can share it anywhere via email or as jpg
  • AFFORDABLE: It is the cost efficient and affordable device. Everyone can easily purchase this device to check the ketone level and glucose level of their blood.
  • TIME SAVER: FORA meter is the best meter which saves time in the efficient way by delivering the best result just within 10 seconds.

What We Dont Like

  • Could be better looking

Fora 6 Connect FAQ's

✅ Can hematocrit levels affect the result?

Hematocrit levels can affect results whether the sample is obtained from a forearm or a finger stick. Hematocrit levels less than 30% may cause falsely high readings and hematocrit levels greater than 55% may cause falsely low readings. If the patient does not know their hematocrit level, they should consult their health care professional. Hematocrit levels may be affected by too much kneading during puncture site preparation.

✅ How do I maintain my blood glucose meter?

1. Keep your meter clean.
2. Test your meter regularly with control solution.
3. Store your meter and supplies properly.
4. Heat and humidity can damage test strips.
5. Close the vial cap promptly after removing a test strip.

✅ Can I test blood glucose from sites other than my fingertips?

FORA blood glucose meter systems allow you to obtain a blood sample from an alternative site such as your palm, forearm, upper arm, calf, or thigh.

Notice: alternative site test is not fit for everyone, it may have some limitations if you have just taken insulin and:

1. You think your blood glucose is low.
2. The test results do not agree with how you feel.
3. You have an ill feeling.
4. You are unaware of symptoms when you become hypoglycemic.
5. Alternative site results may be different than those from the fingertips when blood glucose levels are changing rapidly, such as after a meal or during and after exercise.

FORA 6 Connect












What We Like


What we Dont Like

  • Strips need to be purchased separately
  • Doesn't looks stylish

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