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OneTouch Ultra Mini Blood Glucose Monitoring SystemThe OneTouch glucose meter family is the best known for one particular monitor: the UltraMini meter.

It is the simple and portable device can be carried anywhere, anytime.If testing your blood sugar could be described as fun, this would be the most fun meter.

The company actually has cartoons describe its best features, small, fast, and colorful!

The OneTouch Ultra Mini Blood Glucose Meter is a unique rectangular shape glucose meter which comes in the most vibrant pallet of colors available on the market today.

If you are looking for one of the best glucose meter in the Onetouch family, you should definately buy this.

OneTouch UltraMini Test StripsOne TOuch UltraMini Test Strips

The Ultra Mini uses OneTouch Ultra Test Strips. The great thing about these strips is that they are compatible with six different OneTouch meter (past and present models), so you could have several different OneTouch meters, deposing upon your needs and only have to buy one type of test Strip.

OneTouch UltraMini Features

  • SIMPLE: The OneTouch UltraMini Blood Glucose Meter is a simple way to check your blood sugar
  • VIBRANT:Colorful, small, and fast 
  • FAST:- the OneTouch UltraMini provides accurate results in just 5 seconds
  • LARGE SCREEN:Provides a large, easy-to-read screen and simple, 3-step testing
  • POCKET FRIENDLY:Just the right size to easily fit in your pocket or purse

What we like

  • COMPACT: The small rectangular shape makes the Ultra Mini perfect for carrying purpose. 
  • FAST: It gives the results in the 5 seconds which is making it one of the fastest glucose meters..
  • VIBRANT: Various colors are available of this great device, This is especially the case for kids, who may be a little self conscious about testing in front of their friends. The color pallet is silver moon, limelight, pink glow and black.
  • ALTERNATIVE SITE TESTING:. The meter allows AST on the finger, palm and forearm.You can test this meter on any given area of your body.
  • EASE OF USE:. This feature is the Best Feature of this device. It is the easy meter to be used or even easier than any other meter, none do as good a job of conveying this benefit as the Ultra Mini. Truly amazing this glucose meter is like by everyone right from kids to adults.

What We Dont Like

  • LACK OF ADVANCE PROGRAMMING:This is not the meter which provides “bells and whistles” or advanced programming options.There are no alarms, pre/post meal markers, averages or other advanced features like this. While For some this is a benefit, for others this is a short fall of the meter. The meter also does not come with a back light feature. 

OneTouch UltraMini Glucose Meter Review FAQ's

✅ How do I turn on the OneTouch UltraMini meter?

To perform a test, insert a test strip as far as it will go. The display will turn on and the meter will briefly perform system checks.

To view past results, start with the meter off, then press and release ∨.

Every time you turn your meter on, a start-up screen will appear for two seconds. All segments of the display should appear briefly on the start-up test screen to tell you that the meter is working properly. See the Getting to Know Your System Section of your User Guide for an example of what the screen should look like.

If the meter does not power on, try changing the meter battery.

CAUTION: If any information is missing from the start-up test screen, there may be a problem with the meter. Call Customer Care at 1-800-227-8862.

✅ Why do I need to code?

Code numbers are used to calibrate your meter with the test strips you are using to obtain accurate blood sugar results. You must code the meter before using it for the first time and then every time you change to another vial of test strips.

✅ What battery do I use with the OneTouch UltraMini meter?

Your OneTouch UltraMini meter uses one 3.0 Volt CR 2032 lithium battery (or equivalent). Your meter comes with the battery already installed.

✅ How many results will the OneTouch UltraMini meter store and where can I view past results?

The meter stores your most recent 500 blood glucose test results and displays them in the order the tests were taken.If your meter is off, press and release ∨ to turn it on. After the start-up test screen, your most recent test result will appear on the display. “M” also appears to indicate memory mode.If you have just completed a test, leave the test strip in the meter and press ∨ to enter the memory mode.Press ∨ to move to the previous result stored in the meter. Then, press ∧ or ∨ to move forward or backward through all of your results. See your User Guide for complete instructions.

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What We Like

  • FAST

What we Dont Like


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