10 Best Diabetes Carry and Travel Cases

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Living with diabetes is a demanding ordeal that involves certain lifestyle changes and dealing with multiple medical tools regularly.

You might require routine insulin shots, cosmetic drugs, glucose tests, etc, that are very essential and it is important to always these at your disposal wherever you are.

Whether it is for a vacation trip, hanging out at your folk’s or friend’s place, or for routine trips to your workplace or school/college, it can be difficult to have access to your diabetic equipment all the time. 

Diabetic travel cases are designed exclusively to help you organize and carry your diabetic gear with you wherever you go.

So here we have listed some of the best diabetic carry bags that you can find online.

Best Diabetes Travel & Carry Cases to Buy Online

Its closed-cell foam insulation will protect all your items inside safely.

This bag is an all-encompassing kit that is well-built, durable, and can accommodate pretty much all of your diabetic essentials including – glucose meter and test strips, pens, syringes, medication, and much more. 


This is another well-built diabetic travel bag that is made from heavy-duty nylon, which is more durable and scratch-resistant

It has 2 zippered pockets on top for storing your lancets, testing strips, and other diabetic testing accessories. 


This is a great bag for carrying all of your diabetic essentials and keeping your insulin cool and ready.

Its durable ABS covered in wrapped Ripstop nylon will protect all of your supplies from bumps, drops and can withstand and reduce wear and tear from daily use. 


Glucology™ offers a variety of multi-colored and attractive diabetic cases that are great for gifting your diabetic loved ones or get one for yourself. It is handy and spacious enough with a large storage compartment and several inner pouches allowing you to store your pen holders, and Velcro strips for holding your insulin temperature shields, blood glucose meters, logbook, diary, lancets, jelly beans, alcohol wipes, test strips, syringes, glucose tablets, sharp containers, vials and more.


This travel case from ‘Sugar Medical Store’ features an insulated case with mesh pockets and nylon pockets for storing insulin pens as well. 


It is large and spacious enough for accommodating all of your diabetic essentials and is well-designed for travel, work, and school.


This particular diabetic travel case from the Myabetic Store is also stylishly designed and makes a great gift for your dear diabetics.

It comes with 2 compartments, one has two interior elastics, a Velcro pocket, one mesh zipper, and a removable waste pouch for used test strips and other supplies, where you can hold your Dexcom receiver or your OmniPod.

The second compartment is lined with insulation material and can fit a combination of other necessities including syringes, cartridges, batteries, etc. It also has an exterior zipper and slit pockets for storing your lancets, alcohol swabs, medical IDSs, or your everyday wallet items.

Another lovely and stylishly designed carry bag from the Myabetic store. This particular variant is crafted into a beautiful heart-shaped container case that has multiple dedicated zipper pouches and netting to hold all of your diabetic necessities in one place.

Its most prominent feature is its catchy kids’ design praised by its users worldwide.
“My niece was diagnosed with diabetes two weeks before her 5th birthday. I wanted to get her something purposeful, meaningful & cute for her 6 birthday. She carried her kit in a lunch box. Her Moma LOVED so did she especially the butterfly. She also gets a lot of complaints…it also fits ALOTTTT of stuff!!”

A very sturdy and protective diabetic travel case from Dario.

This case is exclusively designed for accommodating Dario products such as Dario test kits and insulin pens. Still, it can carry other items as well.

What We Like

This is a medical kit bag that can hold a lot more than your diabetic supplies. 

It is large and spacious enough for accommodating all of your diabetic essentials and is well-designed for travel, work, and school.

How to Use them?

Final Verdict

Whatever your plans may be, your diabetic travel case will ensure a very organized and convenient method for storing and accessing all your diabetic supplies in one place.  All the cases listed here are selected for their quality and convenience factors.

However, it is important to keep in mind that some of the products listed here do not include a built-in cool storage facility for your insulin vials.

The SHBC insulin cooler will help keep your insulin vials and pens chilled. So, consider getting one of them as well if the travel case you liked does not have this option.


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