Your Internal Weapon Against Diabetes – Brown Fat

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What's Inside

Imagine if you could sweat out some fat without working out?!

Or maybe just take a cold shower and see your blood is cleared of glucose!

Sounds dreamy, well that’s what your body can do now!

The talk of the town is about a “good” fat, the Brown Adipose Tissue, commonly called the Brown Fat. The human body contains two kinds of fat.

Your Internal Weapon Against Diabetes – Brown Fat

The White Adipose tissue is also known as the white fat and brown Adipose tissue. Most of the fat on your stomach, thighs, and hips are white fat.

Your Internal Weapon Against Diabete

Their primary task is to store energy that can be utilized when food isn’t an option or food is scarce.

White fat stores energy in large amounts throughout the body. It also secretes important hormones.

The brown fat on the other hand is close to your central nervous system. It is found in areas close to your spinal cord, the collarbone, kidneys, and neck.

Recently there has been a shift of focus to brown fat and its benefits. It is considered to be a heat organ. Infants have a higher number of brown fats compared to adults to keep them warm and cozy.

The new hero of town

In places where the temperature falls, the brown fat comes to your rescue. It uses sugar and fat from your blood to create heat in the body. Thus it is a “good” fat in your body.

The white fats store energy in large sacks, while the brown fat takes up lesser space to store energy. It contains more capillaries as it consumes more oxygen compared to white fat.

Too much white fat can make you obese as well as lead to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

The color brown comes from the fat being bulked with iron-rich mitochondria. Healthy adults have significant quantities of metabolically active brown adipose tissue.

What can the brown fat do for you?

Well, how does it burn down your calories?!

Brown fat goes through a process called thermogenesis by which it burns creating heat without shivering. Not just that, it also burns down your calories.

Well, that’s how you burn down the fat without a workout because your body does it internally. If you have a good amount of brown fat in your body, you are saved from metabolic diseases of any kind. This includes obesity and diabetes.

Brown fat also eliminates the excess amount of branched-chain amino acid in your body.

These are healthy in an adequate amount, but excessive acid can be an added factor to obesity and diabetes.

What makes it “good” fat?

Minimal Space: The brown fat doesn’t take much of your body’s space to store energy, unlike white fat. It stores in smaller compartments concentrated around your neck and spine.

Rich in Iron: The brown fats have iron-rich mitochondria that help burning excess amount of sugar in your body.

Shrinking the Size: With the increased function of brown fat, obesity can be controlled. It works as an effective way to lose weight.

Generating heat: It helps generate heat in your body alongside burning your calories.

Improving Insulin: The brown fat helps to keep in check the insulin levels in your body.

How is diabetes connected to brown fat?

If you’re someone with type-2 diabetes, then brown fat is your savior. It helps reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes while improving insulin levels and regulating sugar levels in your body.

In type-2 diabetes, your body finds it hard to produce insulin or to respond to it. Your body becomes resistant to insulin, and so it looks for other places.

Type-2 diabetes is dangerous because the symptoms arise slowly. If you have increased hunger and thirst, unintended weight loss, a blurred vision you might want to get your sugar level tested.

Chances are you have type-2 diabetes. Along with the inability to produce insulin, being lethargic and overweight are also causative factors of type-2 diabetes.

People with a sufficient amount of brown fat can reduce the glucose circulating in the body thus paving a way to produce more insulin. This works as a great weapon against patients with type-2 diabetes.

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How can you build brown fat?

You are born with constitutive brown fats that especially helped you as an infant. As you age, these fats tend to decrease.

There is another type of brown adipose tissue called “recruitable”. This can be increased in several methods.

Eat Healthily: Yes, you’ve heard that before! But one of the smartest ways to increase brown fat is practicing a balanced and nutritious diet.

Just Chill: For brown fat to work or generate you need to cool your body. Spending a few hours at a lower temperature can help you produce more brown fat. Taking a cold shower or a cold bath is another method to store more brown fat.

Move and Groove: Keep your body fit. If you leave your body idle it can create an imbalance as well as store your energy in white fats. Along with a balanced diet, a moderate workout helps the body regulate its brown fats.

Other than these, there haven’t been any methods yet discovered. Scientists are still on the lookout for how else to develop this tissue in the human body.

Do not go for the brown fat pills that are available in the markets. Consult a doctor and check if they recommend a pill. After all, excess of anything can be damage!

Other than a savior against diabetes, brown fat also helps people with obesity. The brown fat generates heat by burning down your calories. Hence as you sweat your body, you’re losing some of that excess fat!

All in all, you’re in for a treat with a sufficient amount of brown fat in your body. There have been studies going on to figure out if there are ways to convert excess white fats into brown fats.

In the future, if the results are positive, it could be a great deal for patients suffering from diabetes as well as obesity.

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