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DiaThrive Blood Glucose MeterDiathrive is a clinically proven glucose meter that is known for its accurate and fast results. It shows results within 4 seconds and causes very little pain as it utilizes only 0.4 microlitre blood. It has a very large display that shows bold numbers and one can also download the test results on the PC or laptop by connecting the glucose meter via a USB. This meter alerts you for a ketone test if your blood becomes high on ketones.

It comes with 2 packs of test strips having 50 strips each, 100 ultra-thin sterile lancets, one lancing device, a bottle of control solution and a portable carrying bag for the meter. It consists of only 2 buttons for making it convenient and easy for the user. The most impressive function of this glucose meter is the memory function that can record up to 300 previous results and you can also mark them as pre-meal and post-meal in the meter itself.

The strips are redosing which means you can put more blood on the same strip if in case the meter shows inaccurate readings due to less amount of blood. This will help you to avoid wasting your test strips.Diathrive also gives its customers a 5-year battery replacement policy if the battery of your meter dies or stops functioning.

DiaThrive Blood Glucose Meter Features

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: Diathrive blood glucose meters are clinically tested and proven which assures that diathrive will never show inaccurate results.
  • FAST RESULTS: Diathrive only takes 4 seconds after the blood comes in contact with the testing strip. This makes it super easy and convenient for the ones with busy and hectic schedules.
  • LESS PAIN: The lancet needles are made ultra-thin so that you are not going through a lot of pain. Also, it only requires 0.4-microlitre blood for a single test to be done that makes it sure that you won’t be putting lancet needles again and again for more blood.
  • KETONE TEST REMINDERDiathrive blood glucose meter is made in such a way that it is capable of measuring ketone levels in your blood. Though it won’t show ketone results but will give you a reminder for testing your ketone levels.
  • MEMORY FUNCTION: Diathrive can store the readings for up to 300 test results and you can download the results on your computer anytime by connecting it with a USB.
  • PORTABLE SIZE: The size of the diathrive glucose meter is as small as your wallet so that you can keep it in your purse or office bag while traveling.

Whats in the box?

  1. Diathrive blood glucose meter.
  2. Lancing device.
  3. 100 lancets.
  4. 2 packs of 50 testing strips each.
  5. Control solution.
  6. 1 battery.
  7. User guide.
  8. 400;”>Carrying case.

What we like

  • Fast and accurate results in seconds.
  • Large display with only 2 buttons for ease.
  • Minimum pain Is experienced. 
  • Ketone test alerts.
  • Battery replacement guaranteed.

What We Dont Like

  • It may be a little complicated for beginners.
  • It may show inaccurate results if the testing strip is not covered with enough blood.


Diathrive Blood Glucose Meter FAQ's

✅ What is the control solution provided for?

A control solution is used to increase the efficiency of the testing strip if incase the strips get damaged while shipping. Also if you feel that your meter is not working properly just dip the testing strip in the control solution first, before testing.

✅ Can I use a diathrive blood glucose meter for my dog?

Yes, obviously. Diathrive can be used for testing the blood sugar levels of cats and dogs as well. So you don't need to take your pet to the veterinarian for checking sugar levels whenever required.

✅ What should I do if it shows inaccurate readings?

You should always make sure that the head of the strip is properly covered with enough blood. If it still shows inaccurate readings then dip the strip in the control solution before testing.

✅ Can diathrive be used for measuring ketone levels as well?

Actually not, diathrive blood glucose meter can only give you an alarm whenever your ketone levels increase. It can only give you an idea that you need to check your ketone levels as well.

✅ For how long, the testing strips can be used?

The strips that come along with the diathrive blood glucose meter has an expiry date of 12 months from the day it is shipped to its customers. Make sure that you buy a new set of testing strips every 12 months.

Final Words

So this was a quick review of the diathrive blood glucose meter. We hope that you liked the new and latest best blood glucose meter and are planning to purchase it. We hope this review would prove to be useful and informative for the readers that are looking for a perfect glucose meter for themselves.

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What We Like

  • Fast and accurate results in seconds
  • Large display with only 2 buttons for ease
  • Minimum pain Is experienced
  • Ketone test alerts
  • Battery replacement guaranteed

What we Dont Like

  • It may be a little complicated for beginners
  • It may show inaccurate results if the testing strip is not covered with enough blood.

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