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AUVON blood glucose meterThe AUVON blood glucose meter is certified by CE, GMP, and ISO for showing accurate results. Other glucose meters may range 15 units above or below the actual readings but AUVON can only show 10 units above or below the actual which makes it a super-accurate device for measuring blood sugar levels. It is very portable and small in size which can fit in your purse or carry bag while you are traveling from your home to any corner of the world.

It has 30-days money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty which makes it very easy for you to return if you are not satisfied and if the meter fails at any point of time , you can always replace it with a new one. The test strips that come with AUVON are made with the latest medical technology of cutting edge enzymes for facilitating the accuracy of the meter.

The meter also has a memory function and can store the results of the previously done tests along with the date and time. It also has a function of an automatic turn off, if in case you leave it turned on, it will off itself which will help the meter to retain its battery for a longer period of time. It comes with 100 pieces of testing strips, 25 lancets, a lancing device, a battery, and a carrying case for all this stuff.

AUVON Blood Glucose Meter Features

  • ACCURACY: It is highly accurate as it is certified by ISO and other medical councils. The acceptance criteria made by ISO is 15 units below or above the actual reading whereas, AUVON’s acceptance criteria are only 10 units below or above which is far better than the average.
  • AUTOMATIC POWER OFFMost of the times the battery of glucose meter dies not because of excessive usage but because of not turning it off after using. As a result, the glucose meter keeps using up the battery and the battery dies. AUVON glucose after has a feature of automatic power-off which makes the meter turn off automatically if by mistake it is left on.
  • STORAGE OF DATAIn an AUVON blood glucose meter, one can store the data of the previously done tests along with the date and time at which the test is being done.
  • PORTABLE PACKAGINGOne can also keep the small and convenient meter in the office bag or a regular carry bag in case you are going on a trip with your family or going somewhere for office work.
  • HIGH QUALITY TEST STRIPSThe AUVON blood test strups are processed by using cutting edge enzymes for making the test strips extra accurate and precise, so that each and every test results are reliable to the patient.

What’s in the box?

  1. 1.AUVON blood glucose meter
  2. One battery.
  3. One lancing device.
  4. 100 test strips.
  5. 25 lancets.
  6. Carrying case.
  7. User guide.

What we like

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • 30 days refund guarantee.
  • Certified for showing accurate results.
  • Memory storing function.

What We Dont Like

  • Insufficient blood applied may result in inaccurate readings.
  • It requires a large blood sample.

Auvon Blood Glucose Meter Kit FAQ's

✅ Can a lancet be reused, if I am the only person using the machine?

Yes, of course.
You can reuse a lancet three to four times but make sure after using, wash and clean the lancet with alcohol and keep it in a clean and covered condition.

✅ Does this meter comes with a control solution?

No, In AUVON glucose meter package, you get 100 test strips and 25 lancets for free but no control solution is provided as these test strips are made by using high quality cutting edge enzymes and these test strips do not require a control solution.

✅ Can AUVON glucose meter display readings that cross 600mg/dL?

No, if your blood sugar level exceeds 600mg/dL then the meter will show Hl which means High limit. It will not show the exact reading but will give you an idea that your blood sugar level has exceeded the 600-mark.

✅ Is the battery included in the package?

Yes. Every customer gets a battery for free with an AUVON blood glucose meter. Not only this but you can always replace the battery or the meter at any point of time if it stops functioning.

✅ Can I order some extra strips for this meter?

Yes, but make sure that you are only using AUVON blood test strips as test strips from any other brand are not recommended. However you can always order an extra pack of AUVON blood test strips if the test strips that came along with the meter are expired or finished.

Final Words

Here we tried our best to enlist all the features of the new AUVON blood glucose monitoring system and we hope that this meter would come first in your wishlist for buying the best blood glucose meter for yourself.

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What We Like

  • Lifetime warranty
  • 30 days refund guarantee
  • Certified for showing accurate results
  • Memory storing function

What we Dont Like

  • Insufficient blood applied may result in inaccurate readings
  • It requires a large blood sample.

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