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Dario LC Blood Glucose Monitor KitThe Dario LC Blood Glucose Management System is the ultimate best all in on device for the check up of your blood sugar level.

The Kit contains a monitor that connects directly to your phone, A lancing device and a strip storage.

There are 25 Strips, 10 Sterile lancets and 10 Disposable Covers are available in the kit.

This Glucose monitor kit is the best and perfect portable setup with your smartphone.

It the the most smartest way to check the blood sugar level. This smart app support for deep data analysis. The test strips of this could be more widely available in outer purchase.

Dario LC Blood Glucose Monitor Features

  • FAST: The Dario Blood Sugar Monitor app displays the results of the test in just 6 Seconds.
  • ACCURATE: The accuracy of the result is very high as compared to the other Glucose meters.
  • COMPACT IN SIZE: Everything you need to check your blood glucose levels. fits in this 4” device. Records measurements automatically for easy data sharing.No need for adapters or additional cables, the power comes from your iPhone.
  • PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT: Dario is providing a  1-year warranty on ALL parts. The customer support team is happy to help with any issue and can be reached at: 1-888-265-9041.
  • SUPPORTED IOS PHONE: iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max,XR Supported OS Operating Systems:10,11,12,13. Application version – 4.3.4.
  • YOUR SECURITY MATTERS. Easily track your carbs, activity and medication on this amazing app. Hypo alert with GPS location makes it simple to notify emergency contacts.

What we like

  • All in one pack system: Everything is available in just one kit, you don’t need to wonder store to store to gather all the devices.
  • Smart glucose meter for smart generation: Smart glucose meter is the choice of the smart people who want instant results in accurate and smartest way.
  • Hypo alert with GPS location:  You can go anywhere, anytime with peace of mind, even if you or your loved one has had hypo issues in the past. Dario’s Hypo Alert system makes it easy to notify up to 4 emergency contacts of blood glucose level and GPS location to get the help you need.
  • Easy to track the crabs and the other medications: Balance your physical health by counting your intake carbs, carbohydrates can be one of the most challenging parts of living with diabetes. Let Dario count the carbs for you! With the database of nearly 500,000 food items, Dario does the math for you to help take the guesswork out of carbohydrate counting.
  • Internal Logbook: Insights at Your Fingertips Your blood glucose measurement is more than just a number. Through your logbook, you’ll be able to view your readings in the context of your food, mood and activities, which may reveal patterns that can motivate you take action.
  • Helpful for parent with diabetes: Stay in the loop with on-demand sharing directly from the Dario app. You can even send blood glucose readings directly to a healthcare provider. When diabetes is managed by a team, everyone wins!

What We Dont Like

  • TEST STRIPS NOT WIDELY AVAILABLE: The Test Strips of this Glucose meter is not available in the widely basis for the customers. The Most of the Test strips comes along with the kits. The purchase of the test strips on the separate basis is hard to get.The strips are affordable and when combined with the meter require very little blood, making this a less painful process to still get a very accurate result.The lack of insurance support is a downside but with affordable packages giving unlimited strips, it’s not too much of an issue.

Dario LC Blood Glucose Monitor FAQ's

✅ Can I use the Dairo Meter with a Phone Case?

It is Some protective phone cases, especially heavy duty or thick ones, can prevent the meter from being fully inserted. For more information about this, please call us at 1-800-895-5921 Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM Eastern time.

✅ Dario on Subscription- How does it work?

With a Dario subscription plan your test strips are automatically delivered to your doorstep as per your subscription agreement. Plans may be cancelled at any time prior to the next order renewal fulfillment and payment. Once the order renewal on your subscription plan has been processed, however, it cannot be cancelled or returned for a refund. To cancel your subscription plan, call the Dario Customer Care Team at 1-800-895-5921, Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM Eastern.

✅ Does Dairo needs to take batteries?

Your Dario does not need batteries. The power comes through your smartphone’s audio jack, so make sure to keep your phone charged. You don’t want to miss a blood glucose reading or phone call.

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What We Like

  • All in one pack system
  • Smart glucose meter for smart generation
  • Hypo alert with GPS location
  • Easy to track the crabs and the other medications
  • Internal Logbook
  • Helpful for parent with diabetes

What we Dont Like


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