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Care yourself with the amazing kit of Care Touch Diabetes Testing Kit to Test your blood sugar in the best way. Take this worthy kit consists of its valuable products. Care Touch made it easy for you to keep your glucose levels in your mind with the high-tech monitor of Care Touch.. Manage your diabetes treatment in the best way by keeping yourself up-to-date. Keep an eye on your blood sugar level on a day-to-day basis with a few simple steps.

Care Touch kit is cheap in comparison to the other glucose meter’s kit, it is remarkably cheap and the strips are easy to get ahold of in the majority of situations. Care touch cares for you so it made it clear to keep everything hygienic like the method of ejecting the strip as well, saves you the trouble of having to handle soiled strips when you remove them.

Care Touch Diabetes Testing KitThis kit is a full package of all that you are willing to have in order to complete your blood test, it comes complete with the 100 count of strips, which is quite sufficient for a great start, even if you don’t have the money to order more strips while you’re getting your first glucose meter.

Care Touch Glucose meter holds up to 400 readings which you can easily review and present to your doctor during your visits to have an eye on your progress and to keep a track of how things are going. 

Care Touch Glucose meter is one of the most trustworthy glucose meters which imparts you the accurate monitoring of blood glucose levels at home which helps in taking care of your health and the management of diabetes.CareTouch assures it accuracy, consistency and limiting discomfort during use. 

Care Touch is Simple to use and pre-calibrated to minimize errors or misreadings. it meter comes with professionally produced test strips.The unit also catalogs date and time so you can keep a detailed record of readings before, after or between meals.

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Care Touch Diabetes Testing Kit Features

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  • No Coding
  • Fast Test Results-5 Seconds
  • Small Blood Sample Size-0.5
  • 14 Day Averaging
  • Pre/post Meal Flagging
  • Up To 300 Results Memory
  • Alternative Site Testing
  • Automatic On/off
  • Test Strip Release Ejector


How to Use Care Touch Diabetes Testing Kit:

  1. Insert a test strip to turn on the meter.
  2. Hold the lancing device firmly against your finger. Press the release button.
  3. Hold the tip of the test strip to the drop of blood.
  4. After 5 seconds results will appear.
  5. Click to eject.

Reading Your Results:

Normally, levels of blood glucose after 8 hours of fasting (i.e. taken before breakfast) are expected to be between 70mg/dL and 99mg/dL. A normal level two hours after eating is usually less than 140mg/dL.

In case If test results are unusual or inconsistent with how you are feeling: Make sure the confirmation window of the test strip is completely filled with blood; ensure the expiration date of the test strips; also Check the performance of your meter and test strip with control solution

What we like

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  • Low-Priced. This glucometer is affordable and not only low priced  compared to other similar products, its test strips are also low-priced.
  • Easy to use. It is easy to use. The test strips can become handy easily.
  • Quick results. Just need to wait for 5 seconds to get your results. No more waste of time.
  • Data annotation. You can make an alert to add a “post meal” or “pre-meal” flag to any test result.
  • Complete kit. Along with the monitor itself, you also get 100 test strips, lancing device, 30 lancelets, and even a carrying bag and a battery.
  • Small blood sample. This device only requires 0.5 microliters of blood. That’s a very small amount. The average drop of blood measures roughly 50 microliters.


What We Dont Like

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  • Not as accurate as some glucometers. Readings obtained with this unit may show blood glucose levels that are up to 20% higher or lower than they actually are, While this range falls within the FDA’s standards, competing blood glucose meters provide more accurate readings.


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