5 Best Glucose Meter For Cats That Will Make Your Cat Go Meow Meow

Well, it’s not only for saying that one must always keep a check on their blood glucose levels. Fluctuations in blood glucose levels both higher and lower can lead to quite severe repercussions in both humans and animals and that’s the reason we have mentioned Best Glucose Meter For Cats.

In today’s generation, the majority of people in the US and other parts of the world prefer having a pet – either a dog or a cat. Many households have both the animals as pets living under the same roof.

As much as diabetes and hypoglycemia are crippling in human beings, it’s similar when it comes to cats. Conditions like diabetes cannot be cured, but it can rather be delayed.

During diabetes, in cats, glucose is carried by the blood which is cut down by insulin – diabetes occurs due to insulin not transferring glucose in the cells efficiently or there is insulin resistance in the cat’s body.

Although the chances of your cat being prone to diabetes are negligible as the chances of a cat going through diabetes are in the ratio of 1 in every 230 cats. But as per recent researches and studies, the numbers are only increasing.

Glucose meter for cats is one of the handiest medical tools available in the market. Since diabetes cannot be cured, glucose meters are a great way to stay updated with the blood glucose levels of your cat and take precautionary measures.  

Why Use a Pet-Specific Glucose Meter?

One might wonder, it’s merely a glucose meter and what difference would it make in using the normal glucometers that we use? Using the same glucose meter as humans would generate inaccurate readings. In other words, vague readings.

Even though cats are mammals, the body composition of a cat or a dog is very different from human beings and thus, one must use best glucose meter for cats. 

If you dig deeper into the glucose distribution in a human being and a cat, it varies vastly. In human beings, 58 percent of glucose is located in plasma and 42 percent of glucose is located in red blood cells.

Whereas in cats, 93 percent glucose is located in plasma and only 7 percent is located in the red blood cells. The calibration of a glucose meter used for a human and that for a cat will be different.

The good news is that there are many manufacturers that sell glucose meter for cats and are available both online and offline at stores. A quality glucometer for your pet is the key to managing blood sugar levels efficiently. 

The glucose meters are quite easy to operate and can be a part of HBGM (home blood glucose monitoring), a process that can be carried out within the comfort of your home and the process hardly takes 5 – 10 minutes.

400;”>Glucose meters in veterinary science has proved to be a lot helpful for both cats and dogs, as now you can track the blood glucose levels of your pet. The vet will guide you on when the levels are going higher or lower and how to control them.

This simple process of just maintaining a logbook of the weekly and monthly blood sugar records of a diabetic cat can help them in leading a healthier life.

11st PlaceVetMate Blood Glucose MonitoringBy VetMate 4.8View Product
2Best ValueAdvocate PetTest Blood Glucose MonitoringBy Advocate PetTest4.7View Product
3Pet Control HQ By Pet Control4.5View Product
4Zoetis AlphaTrak II Blood Glucose MonitoringBy Zoetis4.6View Product
5EverPaw Gluco HT111By EverPaw 4.5View Product

Top 5 Best Glucose Meters For Cats

1. VetMate Blood Glucose Monitoring

VetMate Blood Glucose Monitoring is one of the most renowned product for testing your cat’s blood glucose levels. In the Veterinary Quarterly 2014, this product was also top-rated in one of their studies.

There were four glucose meters that were experimented and VetMate Blood Glucose Monitoring provided the most accurate readings compared to others. The product is designed specifically for pets and can be used on more than one pet, as the device has a great memory capacity.

Besides, the product also serves the purpose of treating diabetes in cats effectively by keeping in track their blood sugar levels, as in various veterinary studies it has been found out that conditions like diabetes can be sustained longer in humans, in case of cats it can lead to the sooner fatal case.

What we like

  • The product consists of a strip injection button.
  • The device can be used up to four cats and four dogs.
  • The product also has a reminder feature that alerts the user of the blood glucose monitoring due time.
  • Alerts the user if the blood glucose level runs too low.
  • A memory capacity of up to 500 blood samples.
  • Battery capacity up to 5000 test results.

What We Don’t Like

  • The product is expensive comparatively.
  • The number of test strips is only 50. 
  • The replacement strips are expensive too. 

2. Advocate PetTest Blood Glucose Monitoring

The Advocate PetTest Blood Glucose monitoring system is one of the most unique and ideal product to keep track of your pet’s blood glucose levels.

The glucose meter can be used for both cats and dogs since the calibration of both the animals are different one can switch from ‘cat’ to ‘dog’ with a press of a button.

The manufacturers have paid attention to the accuracy of the readings that the device produces and the results come within five seconds of time.

The product also comes with a reminder, that reminds a pet-parent when the blood glucose test is due. It’s one of the most highly recommended and is perfect for HBGM (home blood glucose monitoring).

Read more about Advocate PetTest Glucose Meter

What we like

  • The replacement strips are very affordable at all times.
  • The product can set up to four alarms at different times.
  • A memory capacity of 400 blood samples.
  • One can also evaluate averages of one, two or four weeks.

What We Dont Like

  • The test strips quantity is only 50.
  • The device only indicates glucose.

3. Pet Control HQ 

Pet Control HQ is one of the most basic glucose monitoring kits for HBGM (home blood glucose monitoring) if you’re taking a hundred percent responsibility of keeping track of your cat’s blood glucose, this product is ideal for daily use.

The device is least complicated and anyone can operate it. The results that are generated are quite up to the mark and accurate, generates results as fast as five seconds.

There was an article published on PetPlace, where Pet Control HQ is one of the most highly recommended best glucose meters for cat by veterinary doctors and researchers.

What we like

  • The product is quite easy to operate.
  • The product is cheaper in comparison to other products.
  • The device generates quick results.
  • It comes with a feature of multiple testing locations.

What We Dont Like

  • The device doesn’t record or memorize results. 
  • You might need a veterinarian to calibrate it. 
  • The product only comes with 50 test strips.

4. Zoetis AlphaTrak II Blood Glucose Monitoring

Zoetis is the leading manufacturer of pet-specific glucose meters, another product the AlphaTrak II is on the list with a minor change, the product comes with 50 test strips instead of 25. Now, one has just enough test strips to perform as many as fifty tests.

The product is the same, with a glucose meter that is ISO standardized and gives accurate results. The device is also quick in generating results, once the blood sample is placed for testing the glucometer gives results within 6 seconds.

Since the composition of a dog’s blood is different, there is a different methodology that runs behind testing a canine’s blood glucose levels. 

Read More about Zoetis AlphaTrak 2

What we like

  • The product is highly recommended by veterinarians.
  • The blood sample size is the smallest.
  • It generates results within six seconds and that too accurately.
  • The product has an optional alarm feature.

What We Dont Like

  • The product requires pre-coding and calibration keys.
  • The product can digitally record only up to 250 logs.
  • One might need a vet to calibrate it at times.

5. EverPaw Gluco HT111

The manufacturers of EverPaw Gluco HT111 have designed the glucometer than are very closely inspired by paws.

The product has a much wider screen in comparison to other products on the list.

The product is specifically designed for ‘home blood glucose monitoring’ and is very easy to operate.

It’s easily available for both online and offline purchases.

What we like

  • The blood glucose monitoring kit is very affordable.
  • Replacement strips are easily found and inexpensive.
  • Lancets are easy to be found and owned.
  • 24/7 product specialists support.

What We Dont Like

  • The blood sample size is quite large.
  • The device requires pre-coding.
  • At times, it’s not very accurate.

Best Glucose Meter for Cats FAQ's

✅ Can you use human glucose meter for cats?

The calibration used in a cat's glucose meter is different from the ones used in human's glucose meter. Hence, you cant use a humans glucose meter for cats.

✅ What is a normal blood sugar for a cat?

The normal glucose level in cats is same as humans (80 to 120 mg/dL). Cats suffering from diabetes can also have a level above 400 as their glucose can be found in their urine too. With presence of almost 2-3 clinical signs can help in diagnosis of diabetes.

✅ Can I check my cat's blood sugar at home?

Either a veterinarian or a portable glucose meter in your house, both does the job of checking cat's glucose level. For the best portable glucose meters for cats, you can have a look above as we have compared best ones from the market

✅ How many times a day do you feed a diabetic cat?

As we all know, a diabetic human gets hungry quite a lot of times ina day, the same thing happens with cats and hence they must be fed almost 3-4 times a day with rich nutrients diet.

✅ Is Tuna good for a diabetic cat?

The food that is being consumed by cats must be high in protein and low in carbs. Dishes like salmon, tuna, beef, cold chicken, etc are high in protein and low in carbs which is perfect one for diabetic cats


Given above are detailed information on every product that’s definitely the best to invest in. The products are pretty affordable and will help every cat-parent to keep track of their cat’s blood sugar levels and all times. 

In cats, intensive care is required during diabetes because it cannot be cured and humans sustain diabetes better than cats. In cats, it may lead to fatality. 

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