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Even though it might be surprising, conditions like diabetes and hyperglycemia are such that pets are afflicted by as well. Even if the cases might be rare, the effects of such conditions on pets can be catastrophic.

We all know that in humans diabetes or hyperglycemia is generally genetic. It is similar in the case of animals. Although, in both cases, such conditions cannot be cured. 

In dogs, hyperglycemia is much more common than diabetes. The condition where blood sugar level drops down to lower than ideal levels and leads to certain effects. 

Similarly, a cat is more prone to diabetes more so than hyperglycemia. Although, it is very rare in cats to be afflicted by diabetes. But over the past years, an increasing number of cats have been found diabetic. 

When it comes to pets, conditions as such is required to be monitored more strictly as pets have effects such as seizures, fatigue, low-energy levels, oversleeping and more. 

Even though such conditions cannot be permanently cured, they can be temporarily delayed. If a pet is monitored and undergoes proper assistance and treatment, afflicted pets can live a pretty normal life, just like others.

The medical industry has become quite advanced and glucose meters which is one of the finest inventions has helped thousands of pets live a normal life.

A glucose meter is a device which calculates your pet’s blood glucose levels with a very small amount of blood. Keeping track of your pet’s blood glucose levels allows you to be sure of when their blood glucose levels go very high or very low. 

Glucose meters for pets are usually different because the calibration of a device that’s for animals is different and that of human beings is different. 

Glucose meters that are designed especially for pets are known as pet-specific glucose meters and are easily available in the market at quite an affordable cost.

Home blood glucose monitoring (HBGM) is a practice these glucose meters are designed for. HBGM is the practice of recording blood sugar levels at the comfort of your home, which has also proved effective for pets. 

If you’re an amateur when it comes to blood glucose monitoring kit, you can look for Advocate PetTest Blood Glucose Monitoring. This product is one of the most trusted and easy to operate for beginners. 

The product generates very accurate results and in comparison to other products requires a very small blood sample size which is 0.3 microliters. 

The manufacturer has made the packaging very attractive with equally efficient elements in the package. The package comprises of the main device, fifty blood test strips and e-outlet deals towel pair.

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Advocate PetTest Features

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  • The product is very easy to use and perfectly suited for home blood glucose monitoring. A highly recommended product for beginners.
  • The product comes in a very affordable price range in the market, even though it’s cheap the package comprises of the main device, 50 test strips and e-outlet deals towel pair. 
  • The product packaging is quite attractive and the screen is also large. The product is quite lightweight and designed for handiness.
  • The device meets ISO standardization and generates very quick results in less than five seconds, which makes it quite optimal for utility.
  • The device has a large memory capacity and requires a very small amount of blood for tests in comparison to other products, which is 0.3 microliters. 


What we like

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  • The product is quite trusted in the market and has the sample size of a pin-head which 0.3 microliters. Lower than any other product.
  • The device is very premium to hold and doesn’t require any pre-coding. One can use it straight out of the package.
  • Advocate Pet Glucose meter is best suited for both cats and dogs and is the simplest to use for home blood glucose monitoring.


What We Dont Like

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  • The test strips are not easily available in the market and are a bit expensive.
  • The device doesn’t have any protective case and hence has chances of instantly breaking upon accidental drop of the device.

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