10 Best Gift Basket Ideas for Diabetics

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Having diabetes doesn’t mean you have to sidestep all your favorite foods and here is the list of best gift basket ideas for diabetic patients.

Gifts are an integral part of our social nature that allows us to express our love and gratitude to our fellow beings.  

Whatever the occasion may be, food-gifts are never out of bounds.

Gift baskets and hampers that you can find online can be very attractive gifts, filled with tasty treats that can leave a lasting impression.

But gifting a diabetic person can be quite tricky as conventional food gifts are heavily doused with sugars and carbs that are harmful to their health.

Generally, fruits, dry fruits, and nuts are excellent options along with some other sugar-free items. So here we have compiled a list of some of the best food gift baskets for diabetics that you can find online.

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Best Gift Baskets for Diabetics You Can Find Online

These are the best gift baskets for Diabetics to have in 2020.

1. GiftTree Orchard Harvest Nuts and Fresh Fruit Basket:

A combination of fresh fruits and scrumptious nuts is probably the healthiest option for diabetics to snack on. That’s the main reason why this hamper tops our list along with the fact of how aesthetically arranged this product is. 

Freshly picked apples, pears, and oranges from premium orchards, sun-dried tomato almonds, fresh Virginia peanuts, and some classic cherry sours are its main attractions. 

Crispy ‘Crostini’ toasted in extra virgin olive oil and sea salted to perfection brings an exotic element into the assortment.

It also includes some lip-smacking mango candies from Tamalitoz.

All of this beautifully displayed inside a “rustic barrel basket” and “accentuated with a hand-tied satin ribbon”. You also have the option of leaving a personalized message which will be crafted into note cards that come with the basket. 

2. Organic Stores Simply Sugar-Free Gift Basket:

This particular assortment contains a range of sugar-free treats and confections that perfect for gifting.

The 4 oz of Just chocolates’ sugar-free chocolate candies will cover the chocolate cravings of anyone. 

The assorted jelly belly jelly beans and fruit candies will provide that quick sweet tooth fix along with a pleasurable experience. 

Other items include cheddar cheese pretzel sticks with Creamy Port Salut cheese dip, white cheddar popcorn, water crackers, and gourmet coffee, all beautifully arranged inside an attractive dark stained wicker basket.

3. Laumière Gourmet Fruits – Superfood Parfait Collection:

Dates with pine and chia mélange. Roasted quinoa, pistachio, and figs topped with Japanese matcha disk. Acai berries, blueberries, and figs combined treats. These are some of the amazingly healthy delicacies provided within a luxuriously designed gift box.

All this is achieved while still being free from added sugars and artificial sweeteners. They are made with all-natural ingredients and gluten-free and vegan friendly as well.
This is a truly exciting assortment from Laumière. Their creativity and dedication to making such healthy and delicious parfaits simply have to be appreciated. Gifting this is sure to leave an impressive and long-lasting memory in your loved ones.

4. Oh! Nuts – Healthy Granola Gift Baskets:

Here is a unique assortment of a variety of 6 different granola cereal that’s attractively packaged and perfect for gifting diabetics and especially for those on a keto-based diet.

The 6 protein-rich flavors are each delivered on a base of wheat flakes, oats, and soy chips with each having a fun fruit twist with raisins, dried cranberries, walnut, pecans, and coconut or pecans and maple syrup, cinnamon spice and almonds, coffee and cocoa and banana chips and cloves. So, each variant is sure to give you a unique blend of flavors and a nourishing experience.
This product is especially suited for gifting because of the freestanding wooden crate that these granola jars arrive in.

5. The Fruit Company Simply Fruit Basket:

This one is a completely dedicated fruit basket that contains a dry fruits medley as well. 

It includes a variant of a different collection of fruits such as apples, pears, navel oranges, pineapple, kiwi, etc and they come in slight variations of each. 

The variants of apples include – 3 fuji apples, 1 granny smith apple, and 2 mini apples.
The items may vary according to shipping location and seasons, but you can be sure to expect a fresh batch of premium grade fruits to come in this basket.
This can be a simple yet extremely attractive gift because of its professional packaging and assortment from “The Fruit Company”.

6. Bonnie & Pop – Dried Fruit Gift Basket Tray:

This particular assortment is uniquely dedicated to dry fruits and includes a healthy variety of exotic mango slices, apricots, yellow peaches, pears, apple wedges, dates, kiwis, plums, and prunes. 

The best feature is the wooden tray that comes with this product which can be folded into a basket. 

All the items contained in this product are certified vegan-friendly, halal, dairy-free, and gluten-free.  

7. Wine Country – Dried Fruit and Nut Sampler Gift Tray

This gift tray includes various dried fruits such as dates, prunes, plums, apricots, candied kiwi slices, etc, and arranged with healthy cashew nuts, almonds, and pistachios to form a visually appealing gift tray that’s good for gifting in any occasion.

This product is also certified vegan-friendly, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

8. Oh! Nuts – Holiday Nut and Dried Fruit Gift Basket:

Another beautifully assorted dried fruits and nuts gift basket, this Oh! Nuts gift basket boasts “12 varieties of healthy goodies” of high quality.

This gift basket is sure to bring joy and excitement with its rich collection of premium kiwi tidbits, papaya bites, royal dates, dried pears, craisins, apricots, plums, peaches, pineapple, apple rings, pistachios, and almonds.
This product is certified vegan friendly and dairy-free.

9. Tidbit Holiday Fruit & Nut Gift Basket Platter:

This is the simplest and cheapest gift basket option that’s compact and ideally suited as a gift for smaller occasions. 

It comes in a variety of 7 healthy snacks that include dried fruits such as mangoes, apricots, pineapple, papaya, kiwi, etc along with nuts such as roasted and salted pistachios and almonds. 

Although the items themselves are dairy-free and vegan friendly, they are packaged on equipment used in the processing of soy, wheat, seaweed, milk, and eggs. 

It can be very difficult to buy separate gifts for your diabetic friend and the rest of his family. For situations like that its best to look for family gift baskets that include various items suitable for a lot of people. So, we recommend the following product. 

10. GiftTree Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Basket:

This hamper includes a variety of assorted candies, dried fruits, and nuts, toffees, popcorn that can be gifted to a whole family. 

The various confectionaries such as the “Almond Roca” and butter toffee caramels are going to be a sure hit among kids while the tropical island mix of naturally sweet and delicious dried fruits such as pineapple, papaya, mango, kiwi, banana, and coconut is perfect for those with diabetes.

Overall, this hamper is an all-in-one family gift that is very attractively packed and accentuated with a hand-tied ribbon.

Customize your Own Unique Gift Basket according to needs:

Gifting someone a personalized hamper filled with unique items, that you know they are certain to enjoy, will be much more appreciated than normal pre-arranged gift baskets that you find in stores. 

There are many stores out there in your local neighborhood that allows you to order your own customized gift baskets but they come at premium prices. It can be much more economical to arrange one yourself from scratch. 

But assorting a gift basket yourself can be a grueling task, especially if your options are limited by the diabetic condition of your intended giftee. So, here we have some suggested items and recommended products that are well suited for gifting diabetics. 

Dark chocolates :

There can’t be many people out there who don’t enjoy noshing down on a rich chocolate bar. Dark chocolates are found to enhance insulin secretions in your body which helps to regulate healthy blood sugar levels. So, you can’t miss out on including this item in your custom hamper. 

We recommend- Lindt Excellence 85% Cacao Dark Chocolate:

Any dark chocolate bar which has a purity rating above 75% will do but with Lindt, we get that premium quality and attractive design that is sure to be a star attraction in your custom hamper. 

Fruits and dry fruits:

Fruits can be a diabetic’s best friend, being able to deliver that necessary fiber in their diet along with satisfying their sweet cravings. Dry fruits are also beneficial for their fiber, minerals, vitamins, and oxidants. So, a combination of fruits and dry fruits that you know they will enjoy is going to be a sure-to-please item that you can include in your hamper. 

Getting your fruits fresh from your local markets is the best. 

Try to get a variety of fruits that are in a different color. This will certainly help in assorting all your items into your gift basket in a very attractive and colorful manner. 

Go nuts on them Nuts!

Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Peanuts, Pistachios, etc are all excellent superfoods for diabetics. They rich in protein and fiber and help prevent huge sugar spikes in your blood. They are also rich in essential fats that help to improve the ratio of HDL to LDL cholesterol in your blood, reducing your risk of developing heart diseases. 

We recommend – Oh! Nuts Holiday Nuts Gift Basket, 9 Variety Mixed Nut Assortment:

This item comes in 9 varieties of good quality nuts that are smartly packaged for gifting. Further assortment may be required if your gift basket is unable to carry this product in its regular packaging. 

Dry fruits and nuts are a popular combination in the market so you can look for such combos to make your custom hampers easier to prepare. 

Peanut butter:

Just like chocolate, it is very hard to find people who don’t like peanut butter. They are found to be rich in fatty acids and protein that helps to regulate healthy blood sugar levels in your body. 

Teddie All-Natural Peanut Butter: This product is certified non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan friendly. We recommend this one because it contains no added sugars or preservatives and it comes in very attractive packaging that will blend well with the other items in your gift hamper. 

But generally, any healthy peanut butter variant that you can find your local store will do. 

Popcorn! :

If prepared right, popcorn can be one of the best whole grain snacks for those with diabetes. This is because of its low-calorie and high-fiber property. 

Look for loose kernel versions with no added salt, oil, and sugars. 

You can also look for pre-popped popcorns but just ensure its caloric content is safe.

SkinnyPop Original Popped Popcorn: comes in 100 calorie bags perfectly suitable for your gift hamper. You can get the 30-pack variant from Amazon and use some of them as space fillers in your hamper while keeping the remaining packs for yourself if you want.

Sugar-free cookies and biscuits:

Cookies and biscuits are certainly some of the best welcoming treats on the planet. Throwing in a couple of packets of ‘Gullon Sugar-Free Fiber Cookies’ will serve as a valuable addition in your hamper. They are high in fiber, made with high-oleic sunflower oil, and contains no trans fats or cholesterol. 

Sugar-free drinks:

Don’t forget to add some drinks to balance out the munchies. Understand what drinks they like or dislike and find appropriate sugar-free variants in your local store. 

Flavored sparkling water is never a bad option so we recommend ‘Sparkling Ice – Black Raspberry Sparkling Water’. It comes with zero sugars and carbs and contains no artificial coloring or flavors. 

Finally, the basket:

If you are creating a fully customized hamper yourself, you will have to look for a good strong basket to arrange all your gifts in. Look for a good-sized basket that looks unique so it is distinguishable from other normal brown wicker baskets that conventional gift hampers come in. This will ensure you deliver a truly unique and memorable gift. 

Don’t forget to get some satin ribbons and decorative paper if you want to turn this into creative craftwork. You are only limited by your imagination.

Customizing your own best gift baskets for diabetics can be a very time consuming and demanding ordeal. If you don’t have any previous experience making hampers before, you are going to have a frustrating time fitting and packing all your chosen items into your basket. 

The various gift hampers that are listed here are certain to provide a professional build and an enjoyable experience that is perfectly safe for your diabetic giftee. 

And hey! Nothing is stopping you from gifting one for yourself. If you are like me and you find these products appealing and can’t wait to try them yourself, there is no shame to be had in indulging in a little ‘self-love’. 

Happy gifting!

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