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MGLSDeet Blood Glucose testing Kit ReviewMGLSDeet blood glucose meter requires a very little blood drop of just 1.0 microlitre and shows the results within 8 seconds of time. The battery that comes with this meter is expected to read at least 1000 readings without failing. This meter is also facilitated with memory storage of 180 test results along with date and time so that the user can check the results of the previously done tests anytime and anywhere.

It has a function of automatic shutdown after 3 minutes of inactivity. So there’s no way of losing the battery if unnecessarily left on. It is easy to carry and very portable. If your blood sugar levels are below or higher than the average limit, it will give you an alert with a sound or on display. It also shows keto check alerts if your blood has got an excessive amount of ketones.

MGLSDeet blood glucose meter has an international certification and medical device production license. It comes with an 18-month warranty for hassle-free replacements.

MGLSDeet Blood Glucose Meter Features

  • LESS BLOOD: For one accurate reading, it only requires a sample of 1.0 microlitre. So you don’t need to put more and more lancets to take out more blood.
  • FAST RESULTS: It shows the reading within 8 seconds after the blood is applied to the test strips. So there’s no need for taking out a lot of time from your busy schedule for performing the test.
  • HIGH BATTERY CAPACITY: The battery is highly capable of reading a total of 1000 readings which makes it a super-efficient meter for your day to day use.
  • STORAGE: You can easily store the results of your past blood glucose tests in the meter itself along with the date and time.
  • AUTO-SHUTDOWN: It turns off automatically after 3 minutes if by chance left turned on. This will help you to avoid extra usage of the battery.

What’s in the Box?

  1. MGLSDeet glucose meter.
  2. A Battery
  3. A lancing device.
  4. 50 lancets.
  5. 50 test strips.
  6. Storage box.
  7. User manual.

What we like

  • Fast and accurate results.
  • 18-month warranty.
  • Memory and automatic power-off feature.
  • Certificated and licensed.

What We Dont Like

  • Low-quality testing strips.
  • No refund/return policy.

MGLSDeet Blood Glucose Meter FAQ's

✅ What does ‘Hl’ mean in a glucose meter?

‘Hl’ is an abbreviation for ‘high limit’. If your glucose meter shows ‘Hl’, it simply means that your blood glucose level has exceeded 600mg/dL and can’t be read by the meter.

✅ How do I know whether my blood glucose levels are normal or not?

A normal reading on a blood glucose meter before the meal is 72-99mg/dL and after a meal is 100-140mg/dL.

If your meter shows readings that do not lie under these values, then you may be a diabetic.

✅ How do I check that my glucose meter is accurate?

For checking the accuracy of your glucose meter, you should go to a lab and give your sample over there and then compare the results of the lab tests and your glucose meter. Readings with 15 units low or above are acceptable, if it shows a great difference then your meter might not be that accurate.

✅ Why is it always advised not to use the first drop of blood for testing?

It is considered that the first drop of blood that comes out from the skin contains a lot of tissue fluid that dilutes the blood and hence lowering down the actual glucose in your blood. That’s why it is always advised to wipe off the first drop of blood and not to use it for testing.

✅ Can I drink coffee to reduce my blood sugar levels?

Probably, yes. Coffee is actually advised by doctors for diabetes patients as the caffeine that it contains cut downs the glucose that is present in your blood. Hence, lowering the blood sugar levels.

Final Words

MGLSDeet blood glucose testing kit has all the features that an ideal testing kit should have. We wish that this meter would fulfil all your needs if you plan to purchase it.

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What We Like

  • Fast and accurate results.
  • 18-month warranty.
  • Memory and automatic power-off feature.
  • Certificated and licensed.

What we Dont Like

  • Low-quality testing strips.
  • No refund/return policy.

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