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Keto-Mojo’s ketone glucose meter is an excellent multi-function meter with the high quality tools provided within. It is fast in giving accurate results and easy to handle, be it for the beginners too, with the instruction manual provided.

Keto Mojo’s kit is endorsed by the leading ketogenic industry doctors, scientists, trainers, and researchers. They all recommend KETO-MOJO ketone strips for accurate testing. Their meter has a one touch button and a screen whose display is user friendly.

In addition to that, it has one touch strip ejector and the meter can store upto 1000 test results. This meter reads ketone and glucose blood testing strips and shows the ketone reading in mmol/L and the glucose reading in mg/DL.

The company also provides instructional videos to optimize the testing results if anything goes wrong with the fault in the meter or process done. 

KETO-MOJO Glucose Meter Features:

  • Bluetooth 4.2 integrated: Keto Mojo’s meter has the bluetooth oriented service which helps you in connecting it to various bluetooth version supported devices, where you can monitor or download the results to keep the track for months or years easily. If it’s your parents who use it, you can constantly keep an eye on their health performance and improvement.
  • Meter reads ketone & glucose blood testing strips: Unlike a few meters which completely focuses on either glucose level or ketone concentration, Keto Mojo’s blood ketone and glucose kit helps in measuring the concentration of any sugar levels in the blood, be it ketones or glucose, accurately, in a single meter. Within the reasonable price, you can get an accurate reading combination.
  • One touch strip ejector: After the test is completed, there is no need for you to touch or pull out the test strip out of the meter with your bare hands. This one touch strip ejector pulls off the strip used from the meter with just one touch of yours on the concerned button, making your work easy.
  • Easy-to-Read screen: The screen is big enough and so the font and the size of the letters in the display screen. It is designed in such a way that the user can read it freely without frowning or narrowing his/her eyes.
  • One touch button: Making the operation of the meter easier for everyone, the device is designed in such a way that all people need to do to make the work done is pressing a button. Just one button! All the way from home to the readings and storage, and back.
  • Stores up to 1000 test results: What else one needs than reducing the stress to the brain in memorizing the things? There is no need to worry about the things like “What was my last test reading? Has anything improved?” etc., because this device covered it up with the feature of storing the test results. Yes! It can store 1000 results in its memory. Awesome, right?
  • Portable: It is light in weight, handy in use and easy to carry anywhere. It is pocket friendly so that you can take it with you based on your need without having any doubt.
  • Has an adjustable time and date function: If you mention the date or year wrongly in the meter, it shows you a faulty reading. To overcome it, this device is provided with a feature of adjusting the time and date function to avoid the errors in testing.

What is in the box?

This kit is a complete package you will be looking for, for testing the glucose or ketone concentration in your body. From meter to the test strips, it covered everything. Let’s peek into the kit, now.

  1. The main Glucose Meter.
  2. 10 KETO-MOJO Blood Ketone Test Strips
  3. 10 KETO-MOJO Blood Glucose Test Strips
  4. 10 Lancets
  5. A Lancing Device
  6. A code chip
  7. Pre installed batteries
  8. An Instruction Manual

It has covered almost everything you need. Isn’t it?

What we like

  • It provides lifetime value.
  • They provide the video tutorials on how to use the device efficiently and effectively and on how to eliminate the faulty results by changing the date and time. They cover everything!
  • The meter tracks your athletic performance and helps in maximizing your performance.
  • It monitors your health related goals.
  • They have best class customer support.
  • It is tested and recommended by the experts and it exceeds FDA, International standards.

What We Dont Like

  • If you are unaware of how to update the date and time, you will get the faulty result. If you do not read the complete manual, you may be stuck up somewhere blaming the device all over.
  • You need to buy the control solution separately.

KETO-MOJO Glucose Meter FAQ's

✅ How long will the Keto Mojo Keto-Glucose meter last? How long before another kit is needed?

Actually, Keto Mojo’s meter is made with the top class standards that can endure thousands and thousands of tests. As they provide lifetime value, if you find anything wrong with the working of their meter in the first two years, they will replace it and ship it to you all for free. If you find something wrong with it after 2 years, they will replace it for free, but you need to pay the shipping charges.

✅ Do Keto Mojo’s test strips have expiration dates?

The Keto Mojo’s test strips generally work well for 18 months from the manufactured date and 6 months from the unboxed date. For accurate results, you need to use them before they expire.

✅ How many microliters of blood does it need for a test by Keto Mojo’s testing meter?

One small drop of blood (1.0uL) is all enough for the test. You can use the lancet pen to prick the finger. Once you place a blood drop on the strip, wait until it wicks all the blood and release a beep sound through the meter. In a few seconds, the result will be displayed on the screen.

✅ Can one use a lancet without using the lancing device?

The answer is, yes. but we do not recommend it. The lancets are very sharp in nature. They may cause you severe pain and sometimes, injuries too, if you prick with them deeply. The lancing device gives a quick controlled depth puncture which gives you almost no pain and is much safer. So, we suggest using the lancets with the lancing device.

✅ Can one person use a single lancet for a greater number of times?

You can use a single lancet for 2 to 3 tests. For every use, the lancet becomes a bit duller. Most importantly, if you use the same lancet multiple times, it will become dirty and that leads to the inaccurate result. So, It is better to not use the same lancet more than a couple of times if you want the accurate result.

Final Words

In simple words, you can go for this simple yet effective meter for the accurate and speed results. In addition to this, the Keto Mojo’s team is supportive and friendly, and will help you with any and every issue with just a ping at their website. They even provide the instructional videos to make it more easy for the users to understand the working mechanism of the device. So, if you are waiting to buy one, KETO-MOJO Bluetooth Blood Ketone and Glucose Testing Kit is one of the best choices.

KETO-MOJO Bluetooth Blood Ketone Glucose Meter


Bluetooth integration




Easy to read screen


One touch Functionality






What We Like

  • It provides lifetime value.
  • Provides video tutorials
  • Tracks Performance
  • Tracks Health Goals
  • Best Customer Support
  • Recommended by experts

What we Dont Like

  • If you are unaware of how to update the date and time, you will get the faulty result. For that, you need to read complete manual.
  • Control solution needs to be bought separately

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