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On Call Express Diabetic Testing Meter is best known for its fast resulting system. The meter is easy to use and handy to carry. It is a system with user friendly features for effective diabetes management at a reasonable and affordable price.

This pocket sized meter is all there to help you in checking the concentration of the glucose in your body, easily. You can get the results of the test within 4 to 5 seconds. All it needs is just a tiny 0.4µL sample size of blood.

As it doesn’t contain any other devices (not a kit), you need to buy the lancet and the strips required selectively and carefully as the wrong or faulty ones may give you inaccurate and inconsistent results.

On Call Express Diabetic Testing Meter Features:

Although it is just a meter with no other kit, it has some special features within. Let’s see.

  • 300 Test On Board Storage: The glucose meter has the capacity of storing 300 test results within it. No need to memorize the previous results. Just go for the records, check and compare! You will get to know whether you need to improve more or not. Like a cherry on the top of the cake, 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 day averages will be calculated and updated in a cycle. Even the date and time of the test will be stored along with the test result.
  • Automatic Shutoff: 2 minutes after last action or 5 sec after strip removal from the meter, the meter will be automatically shut off. This will save and increase the battery lifetime automatically, all you need to do is just to test, and that’s it!
  • Portable: It is light in weight, handy in use and easy to carry anywhere. It is pocket friendly so that you can take it with you based on your need without having any doubt.
  • Battery Life: The battery can endure upto 1000 tests successfully. The automatic shutoff feature helps in increasing the lifetime of a battery, thus making it survive for 1000 tests.
  • 5 daily testing reminders: The meter has the capability of setting five remainders daily for the testing purpose. You may be busy at work or something, it will never fail to remind you that you need to take a test. This will help you on tracking the average performance of you after every respective time period.
  • USB Data Download capability: This meter may not have the Bluetooth feature to transfer or copy the files. But the USB Data Download capability feature in it, helps you to download the data of the tests from the meter to the compatible PC or other device through an end to end connection through a USB cable, or USB devices.
  • Test strip ejector: After the test is completed, there is no need for you to touch or pull out the test strip out of the meter with your bare hands. This one touch strip ejector pulls off the strip used from the meter with just one touch of yours on the concerned button, making your work easy.

What is in the box?

It is a pack of a glucose meter with no other equipment. So, the box contains

  1. A Glucose Meter
  2. Pre Installed Batteries
  3. An Instruction Manual.

What we like

  • It’s a reliable meter as its accuracy is clinically proven. 
  • Easy to operate. It is a straightforward, user friendly device.
  • Compact and Portable.
  • 24/7 Support. You can call them anytime for the support or on having any queries.
  • The test strip ejector reduces the handling of the device.
  • Less pain, as it just needs 0.4 microliter of blood through a small prick.

What We Dont Like

  • No kit. You need to buy all the other equipment separately which would be a tough call in selecting the suitable things.
  • The cost is a bit expensive for just a meter.

KETO-MOJO Glucose Meter FAQ's

✅ How many microliters of blood does it need for a test through On call express diabetic testing meter?

One small drop of blood (0.4 uL) is all enough for the test. You can use the lancet pen to prick the finger. Once you place a blood drop on the strip, wait until it wicks all the blood and release a beep sound through the meter.

✅ What is the time taken by the meter to show the test result?

As it is a fast resulting meter, with 0.4 micro-liter of blood you shoved on the strip and the beep raises, within the four seconds, the result will be displayed on the screen.

If it takes more time for the meter to show the readings, you may have made a mistake in inserting the strip. So, be careful throughout the process to get an accurate result.

✅ If I don’t want to prick on the fingers, what are the other options for me to prick the blood from, for the test?

In many cases, the users don't want to prick the blood from the fingers as they may feel the pain while working. In such cases, the other alternatives will be forearm and palm.

✅ What are the dimensions of this item?

The dimensions of this item are 85 x 40 x 16.4 mm with the display screen size of 35 mm x 32 mm. The size is mini, so that you can carry it to anywhere and everywhere you want, without having a doubt. This pocket friendly device has a good screen size that helps the user to read the readings without a frown or a wrinkle formation on their face.

✅ Where do we need to buy the remaining equipment?

You can buy the remaining equipment in any of the general stores, or you can order them online. Make sure that the equipment is error free, and trustworthy. The reviews of the users on the online sites may help you if you want to buy them online.

The things you need to buy are:
1. Glucose strips
2. Lancets
3. A lancing device
4. A control solution (If needed)

Final Words

The final words on this device are, It is one of the fastest meters which gives the result accurately within 4 seconds. Although it’s difficult to find the suitable remaining things, it’s worth the result you are looking for. 

On Call Express Diabetic Testing Meter












What We Like

  • Clinically Proven Accuracy
  • Compact
  • 24/7 Support
  • Test Strip ejector
  • Requires only 0.4 microliter of blood

What we Dont Like

  • All the other equipment needs to be bought separately
  • Pricey

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