How to clear the Memory on a FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter

Before submerging in the memory clearance method on a Freestyle Lite Glucose Meter. Let’s have a look on the Freestyle Lite Glucose Meter.

FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood glucose meter is the  simple, easy and portable equipment helps that helps the users to monitor their blood glucose level in the best way. It offers an amazing large numeric display, buttons and a meter that makes it easy to read and hold. It gives frequent and accurate results with only a few tiny sample drops of blood. 

A Glucose Meter is basically a device which acquire the user to check the level of glucose present in it’s blood. The meter shows the amount of glucose of blood by testing the blood sample. Generally this meter is used by the diabetic patient to have a regular check on their glucose level. People with diabetes often use a blood glucose meter to help them manage their condition.

Key Features

  1. Large easy to read display 
  2. Easy to hold
  3. Fast and accurate results approximately in 5 seconds.

FreeStyle Freedom Lite glucose meter can access with the support its equipment, Test Strip and Lancet.

FreeStyle Freedom Lite TEST STRIPS

Freestyle Freedom Lite Test Strips are one of the most valuable test strips. A Blood glucose test strips are a key component of blood glucose testing.

These small disposable strips of plastic may look insignificant but they provide a very important role in helping people with diabetes to monitor and control their diabetes.In the vast majority of cases, each meter will take one type of test strip only

There are some blood glucose meters however that take blood ketone strips as well, to test for ketone levels. 

Key Features

  1. Tiny Sample size- Only 0.3 µL
  2. Patented ZipWik tabs that make application quick and easy
  3. Up to 60 seconds to re-apply blood
  4. No coding means easy start up
  5. Automatic, more affordable co-pay for test strips every month with the FreeStyle Promise Program

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FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Using Techniques

Perform a blood glucose test by following the given steps.

  1. Wash your hands well before performing a task.
  2. Activate the meter by inserting the test strip.
  3. When the blood drop icon appears use the lancing device to obtain a drop of blood.
  4. Hold the blood drop to the test strip sample until you hear a beep.
  5. Wait for 5 seconds.
  6. Your test is complete. Now you can remove the Test Strip.
  7. Turn the meter off.

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How to clear the memory on a FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter

Freestyle lite glucose meter is one of the great and widely appreciated glucose meters worldwide. While using the meter sometimes, it gets happen that mistakenly the wrong entry get input into the meter, at that time the need to clear the memory or any specific data entry feels. But in the case of Freestyle lite glucose meter, the feature is not available for the users. While another option is available which checks your patience. You need to complete at least 400 blood tests, before getting a clear memory of your glucose meter. The glucose meter takes at least 400 entries before resetting it by itself.

Many wish to reset the readings of the glucose meter after several counts, There is no way  to clear the old memory of the glucose meter or to delete test results stored in the memory of the meter, as these results are important to health care providers in evaluation. Once the meter has reached its capacity of 400 readings, the oldest test results will eventually “roll out” of the memory, in the order that they were obtained.

Don’t worry if you have made any mistakes in your test, due to which any wrong result got generated. Just remain patient and wait, the memory will get clear after 400 counts itself by making space for new test results in your glucose meter.

Enjoy the other worthy features of Freestyle Lite Glucose meter and care your health in the best way

12 thoughts on “How to clear the Memory on a FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter”

  1. Bummer. My husband and I both use same meter. I wanted to clear his reading but deleting memory is not an option. I’m switching to Prodigy.

  2. I am on the borderline I have to watch what I eat its not easy I quit drinking soda is year I only had one soda on New Years day. I need to know the numbers? I only drink half usweetened tea and sweet every day . Its not easy giving up sweet. Not I have to watch the sodium .

    • Sonia try the Tea spot.i started to buy loose tea for high blood pressures and also for controlling my blood has help. there are all differ tea. i was taking Mitford and switch to supplement made by PRIMAL call GlucoBurn i have been taking this supplement for over 2 months and have had good results my free style been using since January. my 7 day avg 116,14 day is 116,and 30 day is 113 most people think controlling your in take of sweets is what you have to do. well i can tell you if you watch the crab. works better for me. when i keep my crabs under 300 a day my blood glucose is good theses are things i have done when my doctor had me start checking my blood sugar daily.hope this help and do check in to Tea spot and the Primal labs good luck am 63 young and 350 lb.

    • its not sweets that make you blood sugar go up it carbs……stay away from mashed potatoes, chips, bread etc. count your carb intake.

  3. Unfortunately, I already purchased and opened the meter box and tossed it. I would certainly return this if I could. I am a person who feels that I should be able to control all aspects of whatever I buy. So, I will not be using this meter and may send it back to freestyle for disposal. Will buy another once I do more research. The reason I bought this meter is because my previous meter was controllable. Shame on you freestyle.

  4. Thanks for letting us know this one is a waste of time. I needed an accurate running total and we used to share the meter. Dr. wants it every other day (the VA way), so 400 tests will be well over a year. Dr has never asked to see past results. Resetting after 30 days would be nice. Guess I need a different brand meter or better yet not take the readings since he does his own testing every 6 months. Once every other day, some morning totals only show elevated, not high, anyway. Thanks!

  5. This meter is worthless if I can’t clear out what memory spots I choose to clear out, or even reset the meter entirely. What is someone doesn’t have insurance but has diabetes and someone want to help them out by donating one of their monitors? They are stuck with their friends old blood sugar counts or they don’t use it. Good going. ????


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