Gestational Diabetes: How Many Carbs Per Meal? About Proteins And Complex Carbs!

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Certain people will also have to face gestational diabetes which makes them very difficult to cope with their cravings.

Pregnancy is the stage when there will occur imbalances in the hormone levels in your body. As a result, you will have to go through mood swings, food cravings, etc.

Gestational Diabetes – Overview

But by learning about the causes of gestational diabetes and knowing the way to manage it through simple diet plans, you can pass through this period easily. Let us know more about gestational diabetes from this article.

Gestational Diabetes How Many Carbs Per Meal About Proteins

Gestational diabetes is diabetes seen in pregnant women due to hormonal imbalance even if they are not the victims of diabetes before. It can be seen in people who are overweight, have a history of diabetes, or have relatives with diabetes.

But gestational diabetes doesn’t mean that you will have it throughout your life. It may disappear after your delivery.

However, like other diabetes, gestational diabetes leads to the failure to break down the carbohydrates from your food and convert it to energy.

As a result, the blood glucose level will become high. The main aftereffect of gestational diabetes is that it makes the baby over-weighted which may lead the labor to cesarean. It may also lead you the risk of high blood pressure.

You can diagnose gestational diabetes in the glucose test which is done during the 24th week of pregnancy. But certain people will realize before the test different symptoms like increased thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, blurred vision, etc. which are the signs of diabetes.

But you can manage your gestational diabetes by simply planning your diet using some guidelines. Let us discuss them.

Observe Your Carb Intake

It is obvious that carbs will raise the blood sugar level in your body more than any other nutrients but it is also very important for the growth and development of your baby. So it is necessary to keep an eye on the number of carbs you consume.

Gestational diabetes -Observe Your Carb Intake

You are allowed to take 30-45 grams of carbs per meal and 15-30 grams of carbs per snack. You can check for the carbohydrates contained in the nutrient facts panel where it is listed.

A minimum of 175 grams of carbs is required per day normally. Various other factors also depend on the number of carbs needed like workouts, appetite, pre-pregnancy BMI, current weight, single or multiple pregnancies, etc.

Choose Food Items With Complex Carbs

 You cannot completely avoid carbs from your diet as it has got good aspects too. So you can choose food items with complex carbs over simple carbs.

Even though both of them result in the production of glucose, the complex carbs will do this process slowly. As it contains more fiber, it slows down digestion and prevents blood sugar from rising high.

Gestational diabetes - Choose Food Items With Complex Carbs

Beans, whole grains, vegetables, etc contain complex carbs. Even if fruits contain simple carbs, it is advised to have some protein in order to prevent the hike in sugar, for example; cottage cheese with strawberries.

As fruits contain essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which are necessary during pregnancy, it is not a better idea to remove them from your diet. It is also recommended to replace white toast with brown toast which is rich in fiber.

Pair Carbs Along With Proteins

Pairing carbs with proteins and healthy fats will prevent a rise in blood sugar levels. It keeps your tummy full for a long time as it slows down the process of breaking down carbs. Inturn, slowing the digestion process.

For example: instead of having crackers alone as a snack, you can pair it up with a slice of cheese which is rich in protein.

Gestational diabetes  - Pair Carbs Along With Proteins

Likewise, instead of having an apple as such, you can spread a tablespoon of peanut butter on the top, which provides proteins and healthy fats. 

Eat Carbs In Consistent Amounts Throughout The Day

It is necessary to add some amount of carbs to your diet and your body knows to handle a certain amount of carbs at a time.

So if you eat an equal amount of carbs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it makes your body easy to handle and expects the same amount all the time.

So eat at least three meals and two or three snacks that contain a consistent amount of carbs throughout the day. You are not allowed to skip meals.

Gestational diabetes - Eat Carbs In Consistent Amounts

It will lead you and your baby to lack essential nutrients. It may also lead you to lower blood sugar levels which are a mere serious issue in this situation.


However, you can manage gestational diabetes by planning your diet based on the guidelines discussed above.

So you can make a diet chart keeping these ideas in mind and including the food you like the most or ask the help of a dietitian to do this.

Anyways, it is really important to include the required nutrients during this time as it leads to the mental and physical development of your child. It is equally important for you to stay relaxed and stress-free throughout this period.

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