Best Foot Creams for Diabetics

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Can anyone imagine a day without using their feet? Is it possible to spend the whole day sitting and not doing anything which involves your feet? Well, no. Life is not possible without our feet. Right from getting up in the morning and going for a walk or run, our feet are there to help us take each step carefully and go through the day. Here in this article we discuss about the importance of foot care for diabetic patients as well as best foot creams for diabetics

We rely on feet to take us to various destinations and carry on our routine activities throughout the day. Taking care of the feet should be the focus for people of all ages, especially those diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes can affect the health of feet considerably and put our feet in a high-risk zone for complications.

The Relation between Diabetes and your Feet

Diabetes restricts the blood flow to the feet and causes damage to the nerves. Therefore, people with diabetes are incredibly vulnerable to having foot problems. It is thus imperative for a person with diabetes to take excellent care of their feet. The usual foot problems that people with diabetes face are in the toe, foot, or leg, and there are all the chances of losing one of those due to diabetes. 

If a person with diabetes can manage blood glucose levels called blood sugar, it would help keep the feet healthy. Nowadays, much best foot cream for diabetics is available to take care of the diabetic foot.

However, a person should look out for the following warning signs for a diabetic foot problem and contact doctor immediately –

  • Increase in the swelling of legs or feet.
  • Slightest change in the skin color of the feet.
  • A burning or tingling sensation.
  • A lack of feeling in the feet.
  • Slight numbness in the toes.
  • Toenails are growing inwards.
  • Slow-healing sores.
  • Cracks between toes.
  • Hammertoes, Bunions, warts, corns, blisters, and calluses.
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Loss of hair on legs or toes.

A person with diabetes can lower the risk of developing foot problems by examining their feet regularly. This way, in case of an occurrence of problems, one is more likely to notice them right at the onset and thus get the proper treatment. However, it may take some time and effort to build a regimen for proper foot care, but eventually, it is an essential part of the management of diabetes. 

10 Best Foot Creams for Diabetics

Foot problems are widespread in people with diabetes. Managing blood sugar levels helps the feet to be healthy, but using the best foot cream for diabetics goes a long way supporting the daily foot care routine in a diabetic person. The following are some of that best foot cream for diabetics –

All of this best foot cream for diabetics will help the people with diabetes to give that extra effort to take care of their feet. These foot creams are specially made to soothe the dry or cracked feet while providing relief from itching or burning sensation. They also keep the feet moisturized to avoid any future foot issues like ulcers. These foot creams are worth giving a try.

How to Prevent Foot Problems for Diabetics

A daily habit of taking care of your feet prevents a lot many problems. Keeping the feet healthy on a regular basis may prevent severe complications and make all the world difference for diabetic patients. While looking for symptoms that are the chief cause for amputations in a diabetic patient, it is also essential to maintain the blood glucose level to prevent severe damage to the nervous system. The following are the ways which can help a diabetic patient can prevent potential feet problems due to diabetes –

Tips for Healthy Feet

tips for healthy feet

Daily foot care, in the case of a person having diabetes, is of utmost importance. The doctors say that almost 85% of the amputations can be prevented if a person with diabetes is alert towards wounds or infections and gets the timely treatment of the same to prevent gangrene leading to amputations.

A good foot care regimen can be divided into two parts that is the daily habit and a weekly habit. Let’s see how a diabetic person can prevent feet problems with some daily habits:

The weekly care of a diabetic foot or for feet healthy in case of diabetes is as follows – 


Diabetes and feet have a significant relation. People who have diabetes are often prone to complications in their legs or feet. They have to take care of their blood glucose levels, but they also need to worry about their feet. The feet who walk around for up to 2 .5 miles a day and bear the weight of a body need to be taken care of, especially if they have diabetes. 

Even the smallest cut or a scratch or a wound may lead to infections, gangrene, and amputation. To avoid these severe complications, a daily and weekly care routine definitely sounds an excellent idea to keep the feet healthy. Using the best foot creams for diabetics that are tried and tested and are now available easily is also a recommendation by the doctors.

Let us work towards having Happy Feet!!  


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