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Withings Blood Pressure MonitorThe Withings blood pressure is a fully wireless and medically accurate blood pressure monitor that is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certified. It has its own Health Mate app that is available for free on the app store and google play store. You can download the app to sync all your readings by connecting your phone and monitor via Bluetooth.

It’s an upper arm monitor that is required to fit on the wrist and therefore it allows you to work while you are checking your BP levels. It has cleared all the medical tests in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The certificate number of Withings blood pressure monitor is K133125. It is used for research in various universities and medical institutions like University College Dublin (UCD), University Hospital Centre (CHU), and American medical group association.

All the data is auto-synchronized in your phone once you install the Health Mate app by Withings. The app also gives pieces of advice that are based on internationally recognized standards. The cuff fits a range of 9″-17″ which simply means any size and type of upper arm would properly fit into the monitor.

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor Features

  • FDA APPROVEDThe Withings blood pressure monitor is approved and certificated by the FDA and has passed all the medical tests in various countries.
  • EASE OF USEIt is very easy to use the new Withings blood pressure monitor. As it is an upper arm monitor that doesn’t need to be put on the wrist. Therefore it will not hamper your hands while you are working.
  • HEALTH MATE APPThe app is specially designed by Nokia to be used in connection with the Withings blood pressure monitor to sync and keep unlimited readings without any hassle.
  • PROVIDES ADVISESThe Health Mate app also provides advice related to eating and lifestyle habits that can be useful for you to improve your blood pressure levels.


  • Withings blood pressure monitor.
  • Batteries.
  • User guide.

What we like

  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Specially designed app.
  • Certified for accuracy.
  • Adjustable cuff.

What We Dont Like

  • Some people have trust issues with the app.
  • It’s bulky and not compact.

Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Meter Kit FAQ's

✅ Does the Health Mate app use WiFi or Bluetooth for connecting?

You don't need to have a WiDi connection for connecting the app with the monitor. It only utilizes Bluetooth to connect and you can simply check your results on your smartphone in a matter of seconds.

✅ Is the Withings blood pressure monitor FDA approved?

Yes, it is definitely approved by the FDA and not just FDA but it has also passed a number of medical tests worldwide and is being used by various universities and medical institutions for research purposes.

✅ Can I pair this monitor with two phones?

Yes, of course, not only two but you can connect the monitor with as many phones as you want. All you need to do is to just install the Health Mate app and make separate accounts on each device for storing the readings.

✅ Can I set this monitor in such a way that it automatically takes readings at night while I am sleeping?

No feature of this kind is enabled in the Withings blood pressure monitor as of now. If you need to take overnight readings you need to wake-up, put the monitor on your upper arm, and turn it on.

✅ Does this app share my health data with third parties?

The Health Mate app is launched by Nokia in order to provide basic features for the users of the Withings blood pressure monitor. As Nokia is a trust-worthy company, we assume that this app does not leak your data anywhere else.

✅ Can I use the Health Mate app without creating an account on it?

To use the Health Mate app, you need to fill in some basic information like your height and weight. Without making an account you won't be able to use the app to store your test results.

✅ Is there any color coding on the monitor?

There is no color coding on the monitor. But yes you can access the color-coding system on your smartphone through the Health Mate app. The app shows color coding based on ESH (European Union Society of Hypertension) and AHA (American Health Association).

Here we had a quick go through on the Withings blood pressure monitor by Nokia. This new monitor is enabled with many advanced features and we hope that we were able to list all of them. We wish this review had helped you in gaining information about the Withings blood pressure monitor and we hope that you find this useful.

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor












What We Like

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Specially designed app
  • Certified for accuracy
  • Adjustable cuff

What we Dont Like

  • Some people have trust issues with the app
  • It's bulky and not compact

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