List Of Diet Plans Needed For High Triglycerides And Diabetes!

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Triglyceride is a special kind of fat that is mostly found in blood, and it starts to get accumulated from the excess calories in your diet.

List Of Diet Plans Needed For High Triglycerides And Diabetes

On the other hand, diabetes occurs when your body can no longer absorb any more sugar and the excess sugar gets stored in the blood. High triglycerides and diabetes are juxtaposed by their symptoms and effects on the human body, but the preventive measures for these two diseases are somewhat the same. 

One of the foremost steps to prevent them is by taking a proper diet. There are several kinds of diet that work well on these two conditions, such as ketogenic, low fat, low sugar, etc. However, all these diets follow some common rules. In other words, they have some similarities which reflect in mitigating these diseases.

List Of Diet Plans Needed For High Triglycerides And Diabetes

Furthermore, there is no ‘best’ diet for a certain bodily condition. A certain kind of diet works for some other patients with diabetes or high triglycerides, it does not mean that the same diet will result in the same way for you. 

When your nutritionist or dietitian comes up with a diet plan for you, make sure that it contains the following properties.

  • Try lean protein: When you are on a diet, make sure that it comes with a low amount of fat. Avoid animal meat that contains a high amount of fat, such as pork or beef. Try lean protein instead. Chicken breast or natural cheese that are low in fat, can work wonders on your body. 
  • Beware of dairy products: Whole milk or processed cheese is not only full of saturated fat but also contains a high amount of carbs. The solution here is to use skimmed milk or half-and-half milk. Creams and butter should be avoided at any cost.
  • Limit sugar intake: This can help in managing your diabetes as well as high triglycerides. An excess amount of sugary food may lead to high blood sugar and also high calories that get stored as fat in the blood. Plant-based and unprocessed sugar is the best, so use stevia or jaggery sugar in a limited amount.
  • Use whole grains: Instead of processed carbs that increase the amount of sugar and calories in your body, try whole grains. Brown rice and whole oats are good for your body. Replace floured foods with whole-grain bread and whole pasta.
  • Add fish oil: It is full of omega 3 fatty acid, a necessary fatty acid for your body. Fish oil is proven to dramatically reduce the triglycerides level in blood. Also, fish oil can reduce the chance of having heart and eye diseases caused by diabetes. You can include cooked fish in your daily diet if you do not like the aftertaste or burps from eating fish oil.
  • Beverages: Sugar water and soda are not good for diabetics. Even the ones that are marketed as ‘zero sugar’, are full of excess calories and other harmful agents. Avoid these, if possible.
  • Juices: Many nutritionists agree that juices made from sugary fruits are inferior to eating whole fruits. That being said, vegetables or leafy greens that contain a low amount of sugar, can be consumed as juices.
  • Curb your drugs: Most of the time-consuming alcohol or smoking can lead to some serious health problems, which may accelerate the severity of diabetes or high triglycerides. Limit the amount you are consuming and try to lower it over time.

Last words :

Diet alone can never help you mitigate the problems. You need to consult a doctor to discuss the treatment plan that works best for you.

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