What Do You Want To Know About Diabetes Type 1?

Type 1 Diabetes is a condition that affects the immune system of the body. This type of diabetes destroys the insulin-making cells in the body. They are present in the pancreas and are known as beta cells. It is most common in young people and children.

What Is Diabetes Type 1 – Overview

Type 1 diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes. It can be genetic and affects people belonging to similar family trees. We will discuss the symptoms, signs, and other conditions related to it below. So let us start without any further delay.

Diabetes Types, Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors and Prevention
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Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms?

We should never ignore the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned below you should contact a medical professional immediately. Some of the major symptoms are mentioned below:

🛑Bedwetting in children

🛑Mood changes


🛑Frequent infections such as urinary tract infections and skin infections.

🛑Heavy breathing

🛑Blurred vision


🛑Weight loss

🛑Frequent urination

🛑Upset stomach


🛑Dry mouth

🛑Increase in hunger

🛑Extreme thirst

What Are The Major Signs of Emergency In Type 1 Diabetes?

The major signs of emergency are mentioned below:

👉Loss of consciousness

👉Pain in the belly

👉Fruity breath smell


👉Mental confusion

In case of emergency, you should contact a medical professional immediately. Early detection is important to avoid any serious conditions.

What Are The Main Causes of Type 1 Diabetes?

The underlying causes of diabetes can vary due to its vast spectrum. Some of the major causes are mentioned below:


👉Excessive loss in weight

👉Diabetes ketoacidosis

👉High levels of glucose can cause major harm to your body such as the heart, kidney, and eyes.

What Are The Risk Factors of Type 1 Diabetes?

The major risk factors of type 1 diabetes are mentioned below:

🔸Family history

🔸Are white

🔸Age is less than twenty years

How Can I Diagnose Type 1 Diabetes?

If you want to diagnose the levels of blood glucose then you can start by measuring the levels of glucose in the blood by methods such as oral glucose tolerance test. They can provide the required information about the condition your body is suffering from easily.

What kinds of Insulins Are Used For The Treatment of Diabetes?

Several kinds of insulin are available for treatment. They are mentioned below:





Your doctor will prescribe and use it according to the condition your body is suffering from. These types of insulin are successful based on the problems your body is suffering from so before taking any form of insulin or medications you should contact a medical professional.

What Are The Different Complications of Diabetes?

Different complications related to type 1 diabetes are mentioned below:

💔Poor blood flow

💔Nerve damage

💔Kidney damage


💔Problems in pregnancy

💔Diseases related to gum

💔Skin problems

💔Cardiovascular disease

How To Prevent Daibetes Type 1?

You can follow the tips mentioned below to prevent complications. You have to follow to achieve a disease-free or at least a complication-free life. They are easy to follow and will help you to live a healthy life. They are as follows:

✅ Have regular checkups such as dental, vision, and medical checkups.

✅ Take proper care of your teeth and feet.

✅ Quit smoking

✅ Eat a well-balanced diet

✅ Exercise properly

✅ Keep a proper track of your cholesterol levels

✅ Measure the blood glucose levels with the best glucose meter.

Your health is the most important factor to decide your overall well-being. We are responsible for our health and surroundings. Proper care should be taken if you think that you are suffering from some of the alarming conditions.

Always try to contact medical and professional help immunity before it is too late because your life matters the most.

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