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Omron Evol Blood Pressure MonitorThe Omron blood pressure monitor is a wireless monitor that utilizes Bluetooth to transfer data from the monitor to your device. It works with Amazon Alexa and other and other assistant devices as well. You can set alarms and ask Alexa to remind you on a daily basis to check your blood pressure. It’s an upper arm monitor which means you don’t need to put it on your forearm and take precautions. Just put it on your upper arm and you can take the use of your hands for whatsoever work you are doing.

The Omron Connect app is a free application that is available for iPhones and Android phones on the app store and google play store. You can install the app and connect it with the monitor to sync unlimited readings on your smartphone. This app will show you the systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse/minute, and uneven heartbeats if any. You can also share your report with your family members and your physician from this app via emails.

The dimensions of the cuff are 9″ to 17″ in circumference which can fit any size and any type of small or large upper arm. This monitor is completely sleek and compact and you can easily carry it to your office or while traveling somewhere. The Omron blood pressure monitor is ranked number 1 in recommendations amongst different BP monitors by various doctors and physicians.

It is also the rank 1 best seller of blood pressure monitors from the past 40 years. The Omron blood pressure monitor has also made space on the list of “Top recommended health products” by “Pharmacy Times 2019”. The monitor comes along with 4 AAA batteries. Therefore you don’t need to purchase them separately.

Omron Evol Blood Pressure Monitor Features

  • WIRELESS CONNECTIVITYTransferring data to your smartphone is simple with the new Omron to connect the app. No need to connect through a USB cable. Simply install the app and sync all your readings into your smartphone or laptop.
  • AMAZON ALEXA ENABLEDYou can give commands to Alexa to operate the monitor as well as the app. You can also ask Alexa to remind you of the daily blood pressure check-ups.
  • MAXIMUM ACCURACYThe Omron blood pressure monitor promises to show you the maximum accurate readings. It is recommended by the        “Pharmacy Times 2019” and it is also recommended by doctors and physicians as one of the best blood pressure monitors.
  • CONVENIENT TO CARRYThe Omron blood pressure monitor is sleek and small in size and can fit into an office bag or purse very easily.
  • UPPER ARM MONITORIt’s an upper arm monitor and it doesn’t hamper your hands while doing work. You just have to put it on your upper arm without hesitating your fist.


  1. Omron Evolv blood pressure monitor.
  2. 4 AAA Batteries
  3. User manual.

What we like

  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • Advanced accuracy.
  • Portable size.
  • Recommended by various cardiologists.

What We Dont Like

  • The app seems difficult to connect and use.
  • It has a small display with tiny readings displayed.

Omron Evol Blood Pressure Monitor FAQ's

✅ Can this monitor be used by multiple people?

Yes it can be used by multiple people but each person needs to make a personal account on the Omron Connect app for storing the readings of the results.

✅ Will this monitor show irregular heartbeat?

Yes, the Omron blood pressure monitor can detect irregular heartbeats and the results of the same will be accessible through the Omron Connect app.

✅ Is it compulsory to install the app to use this monitor?

No, it's not necessary to install the app for using the Omron blood pressure monitor. But in that case you need to note down the readings with pen and paper. You can't access the readings from your phone until you download the app.

✅ Do I need to have Amazon Alexa to use this monitor?

No, not at all. You can easily use this monitor without Alexa. Amazon Alexa is enabled on this monitor so as to facilitate the user for using it. Even if you don't have Alexa you can simply use the monitor with just the Omron Connect app.

✅ Will I get a storage box along with the monitor?

No, there is no storage box available with the monitor. It is sleek and compact and can be accommodated into your backpack without a storage box.

✅ Can I use it on my forearm?

No, the Omron blood pressure monitor is only featured to use it on the upper arm. The cuff of this monitor has a large size which can only fit your upper arm and not your wrist.

Final Words

So this was all about the new Omron evolv blood pressure monitor that has its own Omron connect app for the convenience of the users. We hope that this review proves useful for the ones who are looking for an extraordinarily featured blood pressure monitor.

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What We Like

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Advanced accuracy
  • Portable size
  • Recommended by various cardiologists

What we Dont Like

  • The app seems difficult to connect and use
  • It has a small display with tiny readings displayed

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