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The FORA Test N’Go offers a slim design and affordably priced test strips. With its Bluetooth connection to a smartphone app that saves readings and tracks patterns, the FORA Test N’Go is the best glucometer for data management and pattern recognition.

FORA Test N'GO Voice Bluetooth Blood Glucose MeterThe FORA Test N’Go is one of the few glucometers on the market to use Bluetooth to sync your readings with a smartphone app.

The app provides a quick and easy way to manage your diabetes by allowing you to spot trends in your glucose levels in real time.

Although the test strips are only available at a few online stores, they are reasonably priced.

Test-Strip Costs & Availability

We visited local pharmacies and online stores to evaluate both the availability and price of test strips because they represent the biggest long-term cost. The biggest downside of the FORA Test N’Go is that its test strips aren’t widely available. We couldn’t find the strips in any of the brick-and-mortar pharmacies we visited, and only a few of the online stores, including the FORA website, carried them. Because FORA is a relatively new brand and much smaller than most glucometer manufacturers, the lack of distribution isn’t surprising. As the brand grows, you can expect the test strips to become more readily available

On the plus side, the test strips aren’t expensive. On average, they cost about 59 cents per strip. While some glucometers have cheaper test strips, FORA’s are much more affordable than those used by most devices, especially popular brands like AccuChek. For comparison, the most expensive test strips we reviewed cost about $1.39 per strip, and some cost more than $2 per strip.

FORA Test N’Go Features:

  • Bluetooth Compatibility: The FORA Test N’Go is a Bluetooth-compatible blood glucose meter. Few glucometers are currently taking advantage of this wireless technology. It integrates with an app on your smartphone, and your readings automatically transfer. The app helps you recognize trends in your glucose levels, track your meals and calculate your insulin needs. It’s very easy to use and helps you manage your diabetes in the moment because you can immediately see important information. In contrast, with many other glucometers, you have to transfer your data to a computer via a USB connection to see the big picture of your data, and some glucometers don’t come with data-management software.
  • Small in Size: The FORA Test N’Go is well-made. It’s small and slender — not much bigger than a thumb drive. It can store up to 450 readings, which is fewer than most blood glucose meters allow. But when you consider that the data transfers to your phone, it’s not a big deal. The display is high-contrast and easy to read, which is good for people who have vision impairments.
  • Ease of Use: The test strips for the FORA Test N’Go require 0.5 microliters of blood, which is average. Some glucometers need as little as 0.3 microliters. However, the difference between 0.5 and 0.3 microliters isn’t much, and it doesn’t make drawing blood any more or less painful. FORA sells 30-gauge (1.8 millimeters) lancets to ensure you can obtain the proper sample size

What we like

  • Affordable test strips: The Test strips are available in the affordable rate so everyone could purchase the test strips whenever they want to have at easy value.
  • Bluetooth connection: The smartest feature this meter is the connectivity of the bluetooth. This enable to analyse the report generated by the system. The great feature is also that it is shareable to anyone via email or jpg.
  • Data-management smartphone app: The data can be managed in the smartphone through the management app. This will prevent the extra load of managing the data. The data will be saved over a period of time.
  • High-contrast digital screen: The high contrast resolution helps to make the screen visible to the users in the best way so that they can easily check the results and also access the meter accurately.

What We Dont Like

  • Limited availability of test strips: The strips are available in the small range.

FORA Test N’Go Glucose Meter FAQ's

✅ How large is the sample size for a blood sugar check?

Small 0.5 microliter blood sample.

✅ How long does the system take to check blood sugar?

Fast 5 second test time!

✅ Does the meter have reminder alarms and how do I turn them on/off?

You may set up any or all of the reminder alarms (1-4). The meter displays “On” or “OFF” and,press Main button to turn on or turn off to set the first reminder alarm.

Press Main button to select “On”, then press SET to set the hour. When the hour is flashing, press Main button to add an hour. Press SET to confirm and go to minutes, press Main button to add one minute. Hold Main button longer to add faster. Press SET to confirm and go to the next alarm setting.


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What We Like

  • Affordable test strips
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Data-management smartphone app
  • High-contrast digital screen

What we Dont Like

  • Limited availability of test strips

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