Best Wearable Glucose Monitor: Does It Really Works?

Continually monitoring your blood sugar level is crucial for diabetes management. Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices have been the most popular wearable device for monitoring blood glucose.

Blood glucose levels are monitored continuously during the day and night via continuous glucose monitoring, also known as blood sugar monitoring. You may see your glucose level at any time with a glance. You can also observe if trends emerge by observing how your glucose levels change over a few hours or days.

With a gadget known as a Continuous glucose measurement device, individuals can examine insights in real-time and watch swings in glucose levels over a few hours or even days. The device sends out a warning when glucose levels are too high or too low.

With that said, let’s have a deeper insight into what a wearable Glucose monitor is, its relevance, and its top three wearable glucose monitor.

What is a wearable Glucose monitor?

It is a device that automatically tracks blood glucose levels. Users can check their blood glucose levels whenever they want. 

A CGM works by placing a small sensor beneath your skin, commonly on your stomach or arm. The sensor detects glucose in the fluid between your cells, which is known as interstitial glucose. Every few minutes, the sensor checks the glucose level. The data is wirelessly transmitted to a monitor by a transmitter.

What is a wearable Glucose monitor?

Relevance of wearable glucose monitors nowadays

People with diabetes should take extreme care of their health, and the best way to do so is by continually monitoring Blood sugar levels as it is one of the most important goals in diabetes treatment to keep blood glucose levels in check so that consequences from the condition can be avoided or delayed. As a result, diabetic individuals must manage their nutrition and exercise daily. 

Blood sugar levels can be measured using a random Glucometer device. However, wearable glucose monitors have more relevance nowadays compared to other ways. A blood glucose meter only gives you a “snapshot” of your glucose level at a specific time. A CGM system allows you to see your glucose trends in greater detail.

CGM can offer useful information at key times of the day, including before and during exercise, driving, taking a test or exam, and in the middle of the night. Previously, only doctors had access to the data produced by CGM systems.

However, day by day, tech innovation for diabetic patients such as CGM is evolving, and New CGM manufacturers are entering the market, and functionality continues to expand. Anyone can now use the devices as part of their diabetes management at home. You can view patterns and trends in your sugar levels by downloading data to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Further improvements and research into the connection between a CGM and an insulin pump and techniques to automate the insulin delivery process are underway. Researchers are working on longer-lasting sensors for CGMs, as well as more smartphone connectivity and functionalities. So wearable CGMs hold very much relevance nowadays.

Top Three-wearable Glucose monitors

1: Dexcom CGM system

This FDA-approved CGM device can detect blood glucose levels in diabetic children aged two and above, as well as adults. It comes with a tiny sensor, a transmitter, and a receiver/monitor. 

Other supporting electronic interfaces and medical equipment can be integrated with the Dexcom CGM System. This distinguishes it from its competitors. Other supporting devices could include insulin pumps, automated insulin dosage systems, and best blood glucose meters. It also contains various other diabetes-management-related electronic devices.

You can check for Dexcom CGM system availability and price from its website or on Amazon

2: Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

The Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring System is designed to provide long-term accuracy. Furthermore, it is simple to use and provides more benefits than standard CGM.

It also informs you in three other ways: visually, using audio through an alarm or alert sound, and by on-body vibe notifications. As a result, you’ll have an added layer of security even when you’re asleep.

Senseonics Inc. created this CGM device, including an implantable fluorescence-based sensor, a mobile app, and a smart transmitter.

This CGM device provides real-time glucose monitoring every 5 minutes and for more than three months at a time.

You can check for Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring System availability and price from its website or on Amazon

3: Guardian Connect System

The developer of this modern continuous glucose monitoring system is Medtronic MiniMed, Inc. It checks the glucose levels every 5 minutes.

When installed on a suitable mobile device, The Guardian Connect app allows patients to see their glucose results on display.

In a user-friendly interface, this app presents sensor glucose readings, alarms, and trends.

For more detailed information, you can check Guardian connect system’s website.


Wearable glucose monitoring devices provide useful information about your rate, levels, and glucose shift direction. As a result, the CGM system lets you manage your diabetes more effectively by giving you more information.

So, acquire the best CGM wearable device today and start monitoring your blood glucose more effectively for a better quality of life. In this article, along with covering all important aspects of wearable glucose monitoring devices, we have also provided a list of the top three wearable glucose meters. 

However, it takes time to learn how to operate a CGM device. It’s not a quick fix or a diabetes cure. However, it has the potential to aid in your understanding of the disease. You can keep a closer check on glucose trends with a CGM device (instead of individual glucose numbers).

You can better manage your health by understanding the big picture and preventing or detecting problems early on. The automated, “always-on” setup of CGM may provide you with greater freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind. It may also allow you to concentrate on other things rather than worrying about your blood sugar.

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